Making plays in the "Game of Life"
Check Your Game is a brand that started in 1997 in order to encourage other athlete’s and educate them on how to give their best in their sport but more importantly, “The Game of Life”  I realized at age 27 though I was working hard at lifting weights, getting into shape and trying to make plays in my sport that I was missing out on doing much more than I was capable of.  Check Your Game means what it says!  It’s about “examining one’s game of life” but there is no power in those words.  These words I think are catchy and have meaning  but it’s truly the man upstairs who created us so that when we act or do certain things that we have certain results that take place.  I have found that when I applied good choices in all areas of my life and not just in my sport did I finally know that I was giving my 100% and could have a Peace that I didn’t know before. 
The whole point behind "Check Your Game" is not only to encourage people to put all they have into all that they do, but to be aware of all of the various facets of their life! This includes having an awareness in who you are as a person, how you act and react, your effectiveness in your relationships, and knowing when an area of your life needs more work. By examining, or "Checking" these areas in your life, you will become a more complete person and become the person that God always intended you to be!
Meet Gary Rogers. He has loved playing football from the beginning. As a kid he knew he wanted to make a career out of football. He played football throughout High School and college, where he played linebacker at Vanderbilt University. After college, he spent some time playing in the Canadian Football League. Gary has since moved on from playing football, but still has a driving passion for the game. The experiences he had while playing the game have shaped him into the man he is today and have guided him to this new purpose, of encouraging everyone to "Check their game."