Bill Rogers

The mission of Bill’s Corner is to inspire, encourage, and connect people and businesses that share and display in their actions God fearing qualities and character such as integrity, serving others, fairness, ALONG with excellence in their work.

Bill Rogers; high in character, honest, thoughtful, never complaining, listener, not afraid to close a deal, competitive (always winning awards for top performances at work), fair, cared about others, loved God- Christian and constantly was making connections through work.  These qualities and actions my Father had, were not only valuable with friends and family, but also in his workplace, which has inspired me to honor him by naming our resources area, “Bill’s Corner.”

If you want to support and market a business that is God fearing as well as exemplifies some of the qualities mentioned above, YOU can do so by going to the link below.  This is step #1 in order to showcase who they are on the inside as well as the excellence of their work.

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