Our Mission

We are a community of like minded people and businesses that value improvement over perfection that encourage others in the Game of Life.

The man behind the brand

My name is Gary Rogers.  I was born in Pittsburgh but grew up in a suburb of Cincinnati, called Camp Dennison where my 3 brothers and I kept my Mom and Dad very busy, especially as we all participated in sports.  I loved playing everything when growing up and eventually played football at Vanderbilt University where I played outside linebacker.   Though our team wasn’t as successful as the rest of the SEC, we still had some very good players that continued their playing careers professionally.  Though many of my friends had the opportunity to play in the NFL, I did not.  After being out of football for a year because of an injury, I had the chance to play in the CFL.  I made the team, but after my 2nd year,  I hit rock bottom because of the many bad choices I made in life.  During this time, I was forced to examine my life and decide which path I wanted to be on.  I had no choice but to choose the path that God had for me and for the first time as an athlete, I discovered how to give my best, both on and off the field.  The results were amazing and I wanted to share my story with others, and so I created this brand called Check Your Game.  Our brand is catchy, it means what it says too, but more importantly, the results bring satisfaction in life!  And by the way, I continued my football career into my 6th year.

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