Check Your Game, LLC is a faith based business that encourages people in their “game of life” by connecting stories from people who value improvement in life, to those who feel like they’re on an island by themselves.   We first accomplish this through 2 online forms; the first one asking others from all backgrounds and walks of life to share about a time(s) when they examined their game of life and improved.  The second form can be filled out, only with the people who have shared their story, in order to nominate others they want to acknowledge, praise or thank.  For those who are nominated, we ask them to share their story and continue the process over again.  Both sharing your story as well as nominating others are all pro bono, but we do have a credit card form for those who want to nominate others, and who want to contribute to what Check Your Game is doing through its services.  If we helped you to have an amazing experience and one that has been impactful, then pay only what you think is fair, including $0.

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