The Mission of CYG

To encourage and teach others how to give their very best in LIFE.

The man behind the brand

My name is Gary Rogers and I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, grew up in Camp Dennison, a suburb of Cincinnati with my 3 brothers, Mom and Dad.  I loved playing all sports as I grew up and eventually attended Vanderbilt University playing football.   After graduating in 1993, I stayed in Nashville to continue to work out before playing in the Canadian Football League.  It was during this time while playing in the CFL when I hit rock bottom.  There were many years of bad choices in all areas that brought this result.  I was then faced with a reality of continuing to be miserable in this rock bottom state by staying on “Gary’s path,” or choosing a new one.  I chose a new one and began to make changes in all areas of life.  The result was amazing.  I finally realized I was giving my very best in sports and life. Since that time, it’s been my desire to use this brand to encourage others who have a desire to go through life living to their highest potential!

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