Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a resource for people who are having trouble on the path of life and searching for direction.  We use people in all walks of life to share their story and their  “Check Your Game” moment (when their check engine light was going off in their life and what they finally did about it) in order to encourage others.

As a Faith based company, we run our business using Biblical principles, so we try our best to share content and advice that aligns with the truth of God’s Word.

Behind the brand

Grady, Glen, Rob-friend/brother, Dad-Bill Rogers, Greg and Gary

My name is Gary Rogers and I was born in Pittsburgh, but grew up in a suburb of Cincinnati, called Camp Dennison. I had 3 brothers and we all kept my Mom and Dad very busy, especially in sports.  I loved playing all sports but it was football that gave me the opportunity with a scholarship to attend Vanderbilt University where I played outside linebacker.   After graduating from college and then rehabilitating an injury, I still had the desire to play football and so I spent the next year getting back into shape to try to play again.

I got my opportunity to play in the Canadian Football League.  I made the team and would go on to play for 6 years, but it was after my 2nd year when my life took a turn for the worse.  I hit rock bottom.   Slowly, over time, the choices I was making in life didn’t align with my beliefs as a Christian such as not treating others well, abusing the party scene, thinking of myself and my identity as an athlete.  During this dark time in life (off season), I was encouraged after attending a Promise Keeper’s Event to put God first in my life.  It was on this day in 1996 when I decided to align my actions with my beliefs and was able to open my eyes to my “game of life.”  I then, examined all areas in life, not just the ones that I wanted to work on, like having fun and playing football!  That year, I improved in my ability to speak (Dale Carnegie), business (flipped a house), relationships (treated others better), party scene (I stopped abusing the bar scene), football (worked hard to make the team), and put God first (was obedient).

The changes I made that year resulted in me being content, both on and off the field.  The secret formula is simple.  When you apply yourself in all areas of life to the best of your ability, God allows more contentment.  You don’t have to be a Christian to understand that.  Good results normally follow good actions.  Working out normally yields being stronger.  Studying for an exam normally yields better grade’s.  Treating another with respect after meeting them out one night normally yields to a better relationship the next day.  Though Check Your Game is just a reminder; it is through God’s Biblical principles where the results can be seen and felt in your life.

It was in year 27 of my life when I finally learned how to find contentment.  Though not always easy, I strive day by day to lead a life that will encourage others including yourself that change is possible and that it’s never too late!

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