Peggy Bodde

Business, Nominated

Learn why Staci recognizes and nominates Peggy to be a part of the Check Your Game community.



Business, Faith

After many years of searching for purpose, Filipe and his wife were encouraged to bring a program back to their country (Brazil) where they could impact others eternally.

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Sabrina Protic


In Sabrina’s story, she shares about losing her corporate job after 41 years, only to realize that she wasn’t prepared for her future.

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Justin Terry

Business, Student

In Justin’s story, he learned quickly upon graduation from college that his dream job didn’t meet expectations. He literally changed directions by moving 1000 miles to Tampa, FL where he would eventually find a job that was a much better fit.

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Rene Tunnell

Business, Faith, Family

Rene’s story is about courage, thinking of others, and making a difference in this world. The passing of her best friend and a bout with breast cancer couldn’t stop this special lady who currently works for Tim McGraw as Fan Club Administrator!

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Corey Harris

Business, Faith, Parent, Sports

In Corey’s Check Your Game interview, we talk about sports, safe fundamentals for kids and getting back on the right path in life.

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