Amy Joob

Business, Faith, Parent, Student

The college party scene back in the early 90’s WAS NOT fulfilling Amy Joob! This story is about failure, family, and faith in God! Trailer, full video interview & written story below.

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Lisa Hardwick

Faith, Parent

“In 2018 I became a first time Mom, but dealt with illnesses, postpartum depression, anxiety and hospitalizations. It was a long recovery, but I was able to survive that situation.” This story is one of hope for both women and men.

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Bill Rogers

Business, Faith, Parent, Retired, Sports

This story is about my Dad I interviewed a few months before he passed on October 16, 2019. He shares about his background of childhood, college/sports, family and work. This story is about a young boy who grew up in a messed up family but did his very best in life. In memory of my father, I’m recognizing businesses of character and integrity. We call it, Bill’s Corner!

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Stephanie L. Mann

Faith, Parent

Stephanie Mann was just 15 years old when her Mom left her for a time in Mexico City all by herself. Included with a short written story is a trailer (1:57) and full video (20:22).

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Missy Craft

Business, Faith, Parent, Sports, Student

5 minute trailer and 17 minute full video is included in Missy’s story that shares about adversity and how those experiences led her to a place of seeking God and finding Peace! She now runs a non-profit called Love Hope Ranch (equine therapy for vets, first responders and children) near Houston, TX.

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Theophilus Zhuang

Business, Faith, Parent

“I had to have a personal discovery,” when Gary asks him about what advice he’d want to give to others. Theophilus shares about his Canadian roots, living in Venezuela while his parents were a part of missionary work and his time in China as he experienced one of the best summers ever because of some kids from Texas.

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