Dr. Andrew Tucker

Nominated, Sports

In Andy’s nomination, his younger brother Lee shares about the role model Andy has been over the years.

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Blake Southerland

Faith, Sports, Student

Blake shares about two events in his life (video/written story) that caused sadness and confusion. We get insight into the healing process after his brother Yusuf passed, as well as advice on communication; something he learned after 4 years of playing collegiate basketball.

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Emily Taylor

Family, Sports

Emily Hunter opted for the road less traveled. Find out how the decision to go down a different path in College yielded great results in her athletics, career and family.

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Corey Harris

Business, Faith, Parent, Sports

In Corey’s Check Your Game interview, we talk about sports, safe fundamentals for kids and getting back on the right path in life.

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Mike Kelly

Family, Sports

While working 80-100 hour weeks in football, his 2 young daughter’s missing their Daddy didn’t sway him from trying to be the $Million Dollar a year guy in football. In Mike Kelly’s story, learn about how it is never too late to change in life!

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Larry Thompson


Overcoming obstacles seems to be the common theme with Larry’s story. He made the CFL at age 19 and continued playing for a total of 12 years but it wasn’t an easy road; especially after getting shot in two places.

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