Corey Harris

Business, Faith, Parent, Sports

In Corey’s Check Your Game interview, we talk about sports, safe fundamentals for kids and getting back on the right path in life.

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Mike Kelly

Family, Sports

While working 80-100 hour weeks in football, his 2 young daughter’s missing their Daddy didn’t sway him from trying to be the $Million Dollar a year guy in football. In Mike Kelly’s story, learn about how it is never too late to change in life!

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Larry Thompson


Overcoming obstacles seems to be the common theme with Larry’s story. He made the CFL at age 19 and continued playing for a total of 12 years but it wasn’t an easy road; especially after getting shot in two places.

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Franky L. Smith

Faith, Sports

Franky got some much needed advice from his Mom while playing professional football (NFL, CFL, USFL) that would change him forever. Are you TIRED of trying to go though life on your own? If so, then this story is for you!

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Jake Thompson

Business, Faith, Sports

Jake was In his mid 20’s when he was called out by his good friend while sitting on the couch with a handle of Vodka on a Wednesday night! Read more to find out how this night affected him in a positive way.

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Nominated by

Vanderbilt Equipment Volunteers

Nominated, Sports

Over the years, there were countless volunteers who gave their time back to Vanderbilt Athletics, but towards the end, there were 8 in particular that were cast aside. This nomination by Luke Wyatt is to recognize them and their years of service with the Equipment Room from 1975-2017 for over 225 years between them all! Scroll down to read all the comments left by those who loved this group and others who appreciate their “giving back!”

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