Vanderbilt Equipment Volunteers

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Were any of these Equipment Room Volunteers (1975-2017) from Vandy Football there when you played? If so, we NEED you and would LOVE for you to participate before we recognize them! Dates are changing of packages sent out due to the Big C! INSTRUCTIONS:

1) Share your comments/stories/encouragement/give thanks at the bottom of this post under the heading “Leave a comment.”

2) We also are asking those who were served by these 8 men to participate financially with ANY AMOUNT that will go towards a one of a kind gift/gift card. When you send money, we will let you know as well as send you more details of gift(s). VENMO Accounts are Julie Wyatt, @jgwyatt421 or Gary Rogers, @Hype-Rogers.

If you have any questions, please call or text Gary @513-310-9476 or email myself at

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Dylan Coombs

Faith, Parent, Sports, Student

In Dylan’s story, he shares about his path at the University of Cincinnati as a student athlete when the unexpected happened and he became a Father at 20 years old.

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Stacey Siekman

Business, Faith, Parent, Sports

In Stacey’s story, she shares about a very delicate situation when she watched her Mom pass away before her eyes. Pregnant at the time, Stacey brought life from death not only with her daughter, but also with the very beginning of her company, Balanced Body Reflections.

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Bill Rogers

Business, Faith, Parent, Retired, Sports

This story is about my Dad I interviewed a few months before he passed on October 16, 2019. He shares about his background of childhood, college/sports, family and work. This story is about a young boy who grew up in a messed up family but did his very best in life. In memory of my father, I’m proud to soon rename what once was called The Resources area to Bill’s Corner. If your workplace shares the common them of IMPROVEMENT, I’d be thrilled to help market you and your work in Bill’s Corner; a place where character, integrity and humility meet hardwork and improvement.

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Eric Johnson

Business, Sports

In Eric’s story, he shares about how he went through life as a football player and business owner always striving to be the very best he could but he was missing something important; listening to his Wife for much needed advice!

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Ray Noble

Retired, Sports

In Ray’s story, he talks about a time when he lost his keys and missed work. Learn more about how this situation finally motivated him to stop a bad habit that was destroying his life slowly.

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