Jenny Simon

Business, Nominated

In Jenny’s story, we learn about a single mom approaching her 8th year owning a successful business!

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Ray Elgaard

Business, Sports

Though a household name while making a career out of sports in the CFL, Ray shares how he had to re-train himself after he entered the “real world.”

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Eric Sutton


In Eric’s story, learn about the time his HS coach told him that he couldn’t quit and how that impacted his life, especially after his injury in sports!

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James “Wild West”

Faith, Sports

James West shares how God continued to tell him to pursue football even after getting cut in College!

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Norm Fong

Retired, Sports

In Norm’s story, he shares about many stories during his long career as an Equipment Manager, but it’s when he had to make changes in his diet that was important for his family and for life itself that really mattered most.

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Wyatt Linde

Faith, Sports

In Wyatt’s story, he learns through injury, that it’s not all about him! He also learns about Team, the big picture and trusting God with the best plan and best path for his life.

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