Zachary Powell

Faith, Sports, Student

It started when Zach was “showboating” after hitting a 3-pointer in a scrimmage. This choice he made that day led him to learning many life lessons that God would use for his future. Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

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Cathy D. Dudley

Faith, Retired

Retirement- are you thinking about it, getting close or already there? Most of us can say yes to at least one of those parts in the question. Learn more about Cathy and how God had more in store for her instead of just propping up her feet.

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Douglas Knake


Ever been in a coma to wake up to pitch black along with sounds of hissing? Doug did. This story is about forgiveness, pride, sickness, relationships and love from GOD!

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Bo Cordell

Faith, Sports

Though depression shows up in Bo’s life, his relationship with the Lord was stronger. This is a story of faith, overcoming, encouragement and patience. Bo eventually learned how God’s path is always best.

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Gordon Wickert


Gordon experienced two major things in life that got his attention. He took action and made changes. Many years later, the results he experienced encouraged him to create his non-profit in order to help others with some of the things that helped him get through those tough times. His ministry: Hope In Numbers.

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Peggy Bodde

Business, Faith, Sports

After Peggy got kicked out from her adoptive family at age 13, she caught a glimpse of what Jesus looked like when she moved in with the Brown’s. BRAND NEW TRAILER INCLUDED with Peggy’s story!

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