Indian Hill High-School (Category 1/5)

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  1. John Brown: although much younger than me, I got to know you as my neighbor when I bought a house in Camp D.  My memories of you are of running up the old sled riding hill because you wanted to get in better shape for sports.  You were always a nice and good guy.  I love how you persevered while at UC!  Great job John Brown!
  2. Josh Cooper: Josh, your name would come up many times because you were a great athlete at IH.  “Josh Cooper has the interception record” is what I remember hearing while I was long out of high-school.  You were a great athlete but more importantly, I love how you shared about giving up some things to be a better man in life!  Way to go Josh!
  3. Bo Cordell: Bo, you too were a great athlete and I wish I could’ve watched you and Josh play.  As I got to know you a bit more, you seem like a very nice guy, humble and a go getter in life.  I’m thankful for you to be a part of this platform and am encouraged that you shared on our site.
  4. Don Flint: Coach Flint, your name, your face and your giving back are all a part of IHHS athletics.  You were consistent to be the same at all times and us young men appreciated the time you gave back to being a coach.  I’m thankful for you and wanted to let you know that.  I know there are many others who are as well.  Thanks Coach Flint.
  5. Doug Geygan: Hitting heads on the basketball court and both of us getting stitches!  Not so much fun, but my memories Doug are of you being a great guy.  You have always been humble, nice and if someone ever needed anything from you, I know you would help.  Thanks Doug for being you.
  6. Mark Goldman: Lots can change in our lives Mark and you were one of those guys whose story shares that.  Thanks for your friendship in high-school as well as your humility to share some personal things to better others.
  7. Allison “Morris” Head: Allison, although I’ve gotten to know you after high-school and college, you’ve turned out to be a friend that I can always count on.  I love that you have a desire to help others and would give your shirt off your back at the drop of a hat!  Thank-you for being an encouragement to me!
  8. Emily Hunter: Amazing athlete you were Emily!  I can’t relate to all of your accomplishments but what I love is that you shared less about the accolades and more about how making decisions for your future was important to you.  You had great maturity in high-school and love that you shared your story and want to continue sharing, “Next Play” with others.  I can’t wait to learn more.
  9. Char Innis: Mrs. Innis, I have so many memories of going to your house to be with Steve.  Your family was always around when I grew up, and continues today.  I love it when I visit my Mom and know that I’ll see your face walking early in the morning or driving by.  It’s always fun to talk to you because you are nice, encouraging and just fun to talk to.  Thanks to you, your family and all that you’ve done to be there for Mom!  Love you and appreciate you!
  10. Tom Jutze: Coach Jutze, all the guys loved having you as coach!  You were one of the guys and I know we all loved to have you as one of our coaches.  My best memory of you is that you allowed me to come out on the field when you coached Glen Este to speak with your kids.  Thanks for giving me that opportunity!  It was a pleasure and I have never forgotten how you welcomed me, even though those colors were purple and not red!
  11. Amanda “Smith” Melnick: Amanda, although I don’t know you well, I loved sharing the space with you for IHHS HOF induction.  Isn’t it a small world as we both came back to be in St. Pete too?  You were a great athlete and seem like a good lady as I’ve learned more.  Thanks again for sharing your story and being vulnerable as well!  I know that isn’t always easy.
  12. Mike Nichols: Mike, I can remember you being one of those great athletes while in IH middle school.  We had some really great guys as I look back and most likely would’ve competed for State Champ titles if we could’ve stayed together.  Athletics is great, but life is more than just sports like you share in your story.  I’m thankful for your contribution to Check Your Game and helping to encourage others with your reflection of your past,  advice and lessons learned.
  13. Ray Noble: Ray, when I got a hold of you by phone and we spoke, you didn’t really think you had a story that was that great to share!  I keep having this same conversation with others.  I was overwhelmed with your humility and transparency to share!  You have a great story and love that you gave me the chance to encourage others with it.  Thanks again.
  14. Bill Rogers: As I type this Dad, chills come over me because I know you can’t read this on earth!  I am so thankful for all that you did for myself and our family.  You were so supportive of me with my sports and as I prayed this morning, I’m going to make you proud of me in my next chapter.  I love you always and thanks for sharing your story with Mom’s help, even though you were weak and tired.
  15. Grady Rogers: Grady, my little brother! I remember carrying you from the bathroom to your room during a short visit when I was home remembering that it would be the last time because I figured you would be more grown up!  Love you Grady and love all that you have been a part of with sports, life, work and being like a Swiss Army knife as your personality and things you do are many!
  16. Jean Rogers: Mom, I love that I can see Jesus more through you and all that you are, especially when Dad passed.  I remember being being led into the room in Atlanta and sat there looking at Dad.  You came in and told me, “I’m going to miss him!”  After 53 years of marriage, I get that Mom.  Thank-you for loving all your kids, grandkids and others so much.  You have always been an encourager and it’s part of the reason, why I think I’m doing what I’m doing right now with the 103 contacts right now.  Love you Mom.
  17. Jim Thornton: You’ve always been a good guy, great athlete and smart!  I wish I had all 3 of those things tied together.  Thanks for being a role model to myself in high-school and leader who didn’t need to raise his voice to be heard!  I think many people watched you and respected you in all that you did then and even today!
  18. Lee Tucker: Lee my first memories of you took place when we kept winning State titles in soccer.  You were one of those great athletes that took your skills to play tennis and continue to be competitive in it still.  You were always nice to me back then and continue being the same today!  I love that we continue our friendship.  Thank-you.
  19. Jon Warden: Coach Warden, my one regret was not playing baseball my senior year when you asked me!  You wanted me to pitch and I would have had an amazing person that would be able to coach me as I’ve gotten to know just how good you were!  Thanks for you and your family’s friendship, still to this day!  You are a good one Coach!


Vanderbilt University (Category 2/5)

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Pic taken at the store while visiting Vandy

  1. Kristy “Blumberg” Caruso: I love how I got to know you Kristy, visited your family and hung out for a weekend of tennis many years ago.  I am so thankful for that time, learning more about you and continuing our friendship even when our lives are in different places.  I am thankful for your story and continue to pray for a “fighting spirit” for your sweet child Avery.  I will do that until Avery is 100%!  Thanks for your friendship and being vulnerable to share your story.
  2. Trey Champagne: Trey, you too were a nice guy, friendly and one that would make people feel comfortable.  Your size  could be scary for some and still may be today, but learning from you and where your heart is, I am thankful to have played with another brother in faith.  Thanks for your friendship.
  3. Johnny Clark: I was just a young buck when you were kicking field goals and my short memories Johnny were that you were nice to all!  That continued as I’ve gotten to know you more after college as you are that same guy.  Thanks for being vulnerable to share with me and I appreciate our friendship.
  4. John DeWitt: We have lots of memories together while at Vandy John.  Hanging out with our friends Deana and Ashley for a summer, being roommates one Summer or living on the same floor our Freshman year.  You are a competitor, have so much drive to be your very best.  You are what I call most improved.  That is something I regard much higher than all other names!  Thanks for your friendship.
  5. Brian Diggs: Big Diggs, you have always been such a nice and friendly guy.  I remember you as someone who could make anyone feel comfortable.  You have one of those stories that I wish I could’ve helped you more while in college but I’m glad you gained confidence in your abilities.  Thanks again for sharing your story.
  6. Scott Draud: Though I didn’t know you too well at Vandy, other than knowing how good a basketball player you were, I loved that I got to know you much better through your sharing your story!  Thank you so much Scott for sharing and being able to encourage others.  As I reflect today, I realize that I should’ve reached out to you while at Vandy, especially as we’re both from the same town!  It’s a small world!  Thanks for helping me Scott at the beginning.
  7. Steve Fauer: Fauer, like I call you….I’m thankful for a friendship with you over the last 27 or 28 years.  A memory in the weight-room…you always had time for everyone one of us young men.  You worked so hard, enjoyed helping us get stronger and stronger.  You and Kelvin are the reason why our 1991 team was more up to speed with our competition.  You are a humble, good guy back then as well as today.  Thanks for your friendship and sharing your story.
  8. Derrick Gragg: D-Gragg, I’m thankful that I got a chance to talk to you, especially before your big promotion recently!  You were always a great athlete that was a leader by your actions and not your words!  Isn’t that most important?  I can see why you’ve been so successful in the sports world based off of what I saw of you at practice, school and games.  Thanks again for sharing.
  9. Darryl Griffin: Darryl, you’ve always been a great guy as I got to know you at Vandy.  Nice, hardworking and easy going.  I’m thankful for you as you were one of the first 5 of my contacts to share on this platform.  Thank you so much for giving me a shot!  Looking forward to continuing our friendship.
  10. Corey Harris: Corey, I love that I’ve gotten to know you more and more over the years.  Being a great athlete is obvious to all that watched you play, but I know you care more about being a Man of God and following His path!  I’m thankful for our friendship and appreciate your time to share by video a bit of your story.  You will always be an encouragement to others.  Thanks again!
  11. Tony Jackson: Tony, you have always been one of the nicest guys since I’ve known you, but also very fast!  I still remember how I looked at your history as an athlete and saw all the amazing records in football and track & field, but I know those aren’t as important that your record with accepting Jesus!  Thanks for you friendship always!
  12. Eric Johnson: EJ, I was just talking to another Vandy alumni and your name was brought up when you were a GA!  I remember you just like you shared in your story!  You might not have looked like Tarzan, but your heart was huge!  You were a nice guy, humble and one who never gave up!  Those traits were huge as you’ve had lots of success in business as well as in athletics.  Thanks again for sharing and being transparent!  “Listen to your wife!”  ha
  13. Paul Morgan: Paul, I am also appreciative of technology and the opportunity to connect with you as well as learn more about you as a person and player.  I remember some conversations a year ago!  You love people, love ideas and love to compete!  Thanks again for sharing your story and letting me and others get to know you more!
  14. Bernard Nomberg: Bernard, I didn’t hang out too much with the Qb’s back in the day!  You all were on a different path, especially because of that red jersey you all got to wear (we couldn’t get close enough to say hi).  I’m thankful for our friendship and love what you are doing with your group over social media to help Vandy people stay connected.  Great job and I appreciate you sharing your story.
  15. Cathy Parker: Cathy, you’re a part of this group because of Carl who attended Vanderbilt.  As I’ve gotten to know Carl over social media and eventually learning about you and your story, I am so thankful to have met you! Your faith is amazing and love that your family made a decision to step out in faith to do some amazing things.  I know you’re not finished.  I loved reading your book too and thanks for sharing with me.
  16. Joe Peebles: Wodies is what I think of with your red Celica as well as next door neighbor with you and Wing!  Joe, I love your humility, your friendship and playfulness that I always would see as you were qb against our defenses!  Thanks for being you and I appreciate our friendship.
  17. Donald Pitre: Though your story has not been posted yet, after our most recent talk, I realized how fortunate I am to have come across your path and looking forward to sharing your story. I love how you learned to never give up even when things get tough!
  18. Will “Chicken Wing” Pryor: Wing!  You too are a good friend who hasn’t changed!  Everyone loved you back in college and loves you today!  Thanks for the memories you always would share (get geeked, get geeked, it’s homecoming week), as well as our friendship.  I love that I had a chance to be your teammate.
  19. Gary Rogers
  20. Coach Gary Shephard: Coach, we don’t get a chance to know our coaches when we’re players like we can today.  I’m thankful for the time to talk to you and learn more about you.  I can see your love for the game as a player and coach as well as a desire to stay connected with others.  I appreciate your time and talent to teach us young men as we now appreciate our coaches more than we did many years ago.  Thanks again Coach and look forward to staying in touch.
  21. Kenny Simon: A competitor Kenny is what I think of you.  I remember you as a great athlete who could do so many things.  As I learned more about your story (after graduating from Vandy), I learned that your athleticism was true!  You were and are a great athlete, and loved that from my memories that you also were a good guy too!  Thanks for being vulnerable in sharing your story.
  22. Greg Smith: It’s amazing Greg how time is gives us the opportunity to learn at a much deeper level about each other.  I’m thankful for our friendship more so after college and love that you have this faith that is so important in your life.  Thanks again for your friendship.
  23. Richard Stepp: Humility is one of those words that I would describe you with Richard.  You always were so nice to others, never thinking higher about yourself.  I can picture you in your uniform, being a part of the O-Linemen right now as we’re all exhausted from practice walking down the ramp to the back doors of where we practiced.  Thanks for sharing your story as one of those firsts!  I appreciate it much.
  24. Rene Tunnell: My good friend from back in the Vandy days!  Rene, you are a good woman.  I’m thankful for your friendship.  I’m thankful for all that you did many years ago with knitting a blanket (black and gold) among other things.  You always loved and cared about others and after learning about your story, I see why!  I want you to know that you are loved by a guy down here in St. Pete.  Thanks again for sharing and looking to stay in touch!
  25. Marcus Wilson: Doc!  You have always had so many talents that started on the athletic field with your moves to avoid tacklers all the way to similar moves on the dance floor!  Dancing, singing and just being a great guy are some wonderful memories.  I loved meeting you and your wife out on the beach too!  You still are a great guy that I feel so fortunate to call a friend.
  26. Jamie Winborn: Jamie, I can imagine what it’s like to play with you even though we never did.  Our friend Shelton Quarles was our middle linebacker and you both had successful careers at Vandy and the NFL.  Thanks for the chance you gave me to get to know you better, sharing your story and being humble and transparent.  I love that I can get to know those other men and women who walked the same halls or stepped on the same fields, courts as we did.
  27. Louis Wooldridge: Watching you and our buddy Rod Keith benching 315 like it’s a warmup round is an athletic memory as well as doing 1 on 1’s against the linemen and always being so much stronger and low to the ground that you guys never got beat!  You also are a great guy!  You have been a humble and nice person that all want to be around.


Athletes from other schools (Category 3/5)

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Athletes from Tusculum, Wooster and Auburn

  1. Dylan Coombs: Dylan you sound like a very mature guy!  Of course, you had to be that mature person with your circumstances, but I’m so appreciative of your story and sharing something that I’m sure happens more than we think or know.  I’m appreciative of your time with us.
  2. Kyle Decker: As I’ve gotten to know you better Kyle, I continue to see how you don’t just tell someone to dig holes, you’ll do it too!  You are so appreciative of others and the work they do.  I’m thankful for your time with your words and video and looking forward to impacting thousand of more through you and your story.
  3. Anna Farello: It’s interesting how I find different people Anna.  I think it was through an athlete network, but I’m so thankful that you took the time to share with others not just your story, but what you want to do in the lives of others.  I’m glad we got to know each other.
  4. Reagan Gensiejewski: I love the perspective and story you share as a young woman trying to find her way as a young girl to a young woman when you entered college.  Your story is one of hope for all people and I’m encouraged by getting to know you better over social media.  You’re going to be a “rock star!”
  5. Whitney Kallgren: Over the years, it’s been great getting to know you Whit!  I remember doing some things with your bball team in high-school and then had the opportunity to work with you and beat others in competitions in the gym (B & A)!  You’ve been an encouragement to me and I love that you were able to share your story so that other girls out there can be encouraged.  Your story will be impacting many more to come!
  6. Dylan Kembre: You’ve always been a nice guy Dylan even though I’ve gotten to know you through Grady.  I’m thankful for the time you gave back to sharing your story as there are so many athletes out there that might just feel obligated or forced or encouraged by others to continue; even when their passion isn’t there.
  7. Katie Kish: Your story sounds a lot like many athletes and trying to fill holes that always leave us thirsty.  You are a good woman and I’m so thankful that you shared in order to encourage others in the “game of life,” especially with your advice that said, “put your trust in God and get to know him.”  Thank-you Katie
  8. Dan Kronauge: Your story is short, sweet and to the point.  I’m appreciative of you sharing so others can be encouraged and know that it’s not that complicated.  You encourage others to put in the time and that was something you finally did and saw the rewards!  Thanks again Dan for sharing.
  9. Avery Lane: Avery, I love following you over social media.  You love kids!  That is so apparent and love to see them excel.  I’m honored to have you on Check Your Game and look forward to the great things you’ll continue to do in order to impact those around you.
  10. Wyatt Linde: The lessons and encouragement you give to others as it relates to injury!  There is so much of it out there and it can absolutely destroy a kids life, but you made something positive out of it and your story will be a great impact and encouragement for others.  Thanks
  11. Pat McDermond: I loved that I’ve gotten to know you Pat.  You and your family are one of my favorites and we’ve had some great memories together, especially when visiting your parents house in Atlanta.  I’m so thankful that you shared your story and how you used goals for strength training to be able to get on the field and compete.
  12. Johnny Noyen: Going from almost quitting to 1st team All-State in football is an amazing turn around.  I’m thankful for your story and know that there are many more out there that might be in a similar place.  You let people know that they can accomplish anything, but they can’t quit or give up!
  13. Amobi Okugo: I’m so fortunate to get to know you, a professional soccer player and the first one to be a part of our business.  I can remember talking over the phone and you just sounded like the most humble guy!  As I follow you on social media, you really are a humble guy but one that is so passionate about financial things.  Thanks again for sharing about getting cut in sports.  Many people will experience that in sports or at a job, but you give us hope that we can make it to the top like you did.  Thank-you.
  14. Jeff Prifti: I loved coaching you and being your friend when we got a little older.  It’s always nice to have one of the best athletes on your team as you made it all look so easy.  I also feel fortunate that we stayed in touch and that you got to share a story that I never knew until you shared it!  Talk about leadership!  You are amazing Jeff Prifti.  Thanks again.
  15. Whitey Rettenmund: Whitey, I am lucky that I got a chance to meet you on the beach at Anna Marie and then we hung out more I think a year later.  I love to learn about others, especially from those who were the leader of sports and paved the way for us kids.  Your story about some of your past, your family, Terry Crews and everything else you shared with me that day was awesome.  “Go after your dream,” is one of the comments you made!  Thanks again Whitey for sharing and look forward to another coffee!
  16. Kyvin-Goodin Rogers: Kyvin, your story has been so encouraging that there are those out there that have a unique story of going to different schools to play sports, deal with adversity, only to learn that there is much more meaning in life than a sport.  I’m thankful that I got to know you and looking forward to staying in touch.  Thanks for sharing all that you did as well as having a link to this one on your website!
  17. Reggie Scurry: Thanks Reggie for giving me your time to share your story.  After my Dad shared his story, I connected a little bit of what he did back to you.  He shared about being in the band and during half time, went out in his football uniform to play!  I love how you share your journey with sports mixed with the love of the arts.  Thanks again.
  18. Dr. Harold Shinitzky: Doc, it’s been great getting to know you and from the time I first met you, you always seem upbeat, smiling and a positive person. I guess you have to be like that in the business you are in, but it makes sense.  Thanks for sharing about some of your story of growing up and having this empathy for those kids that you met while at the Harc Center.  What a great story of how you learned to care and think about others.
  19. Melvin Shuler II– Thanks Melvin for sharing your story.  I know there are many kids out there that have so many bad things happen to them at once and want to give up on life!  Your story is really an amazing one, but you share how God is the one who is in control and has your back.  Thanks again for sharing.
  20. Stacey Siekman: Stacey, it’s been great getting to know you, especially over the years over social media.  You are an encouragement to many out there, do what you say and I can always count on you if I reach out!  I’m thankful for you sharing your story/video and the new friendship that I look forward to making stronger.
  21. Billy Southerland: I’ve known you for over 35 years and have so many stories and great memories.  Your family is amazing and I’ve always been included in everything, including trips to Florida.  I’m thankful that you shared about your process of life and changing direction to put God first.  I can see His light in your spirit.  Thanks for getting back to “old” Billy….in 2 ways!  ha- $.25?
  22. Blake Southerland:  From the early days until today, Blake I’ve seen the most amazing young man come to be!  I know there is no perfection until Heaven, but when I want to look at someone that is closer to that, I look to you!  You have always been encouraging to me and just want to say I appreciate that.  Thanks for sharing your story recently and I know the impact you’ve made with over 300 first time visitors on your page in less than a month is just the start!
  23. Troy Tuck: I loved getting to know you over some golf and other connection Troy.  Thank-you also for connecting me to some of your buddies that also shared their story.  I’m appreciative of your friendship, thankful for your story and sharing about what happens to most athletes when the final whistle blows!
  24. Bret Waldorf: I love your story of how your parents got involved with encouraging you to keep going.  I think many times, especially when we are so young, we just haven’t experienced enough life to understand what’s best for us.  Thanks for sharing and it was nice getting to know you better too.
  25. Joshua Watson: I loved getting to know you better, hearing a bit about your story as well as trying to help you continue some years ago to continue your football efforts.  All of that is mixed into building relationships.  Your story is so true about our identity as an athlete and one that all athletes need to read!  Thanks again for sharing.
  26. Abby Williams: I love Abby that you gave back your time to share your story.  Before I even go back to read, what I love is that you took an opportunity like I’ve read with a few others on here (Jeff Prifti) to be a leader!  The stuff that sports can teach us.  I’m thankful for your attitude and teamwork to be your very best.
  27. Aurilla Wilson: Isn’t it cool Aurilla how small a world it is?  From Regina, all the way to Louisville where you were just a few hours from my hometown.  Wow!  I’m thankful for the opportunity to get to know you and for you to share your story.  Coach Steve Gersten….what a wonderful man and coach!  We need more of them and more of you who appreciate them!
  28. Sami Vanni: Sami, I’ve gotten to know you over the last few years and I’m thankful for that, especially because you’ve helped me get this website to a place it is today!  Thanks for your time and talent with this site but also sharing your story as you were one of the firsts!  Lastly, you do what you say!  So, so important!  Thank-you!
  29. Joe Wojciechowski: Wojo, it was nice getting to know you over the years while playing flag football.  You’ve always been a great guy and athlete and it’s pretty cool to find out that there are those that said “no” to Friday night partying because their studies were more important.  Thanks for sharing that story and I know others will be encouraged by that.
  30. Yusuf: Though you aren’t here on earth to read this comment.  I am so thankful for you giving me your time to share your story.  As I’ve gotten to know you over the years ever since arriving in Cincinnati, I have seen your love for people.  What a gift that your new Southerland Family was able to take you in and love you and allow you to spread your love to others!  I’m thankful for you Big Yu and I will be using your story always to help impact others, even if you aren’t here physically on earth!
  31. Rada Zunich: Rada, your story is of hope.  I love that you had to experience some tough times while playing your sport because it all has made you stronger.  You and I know that God always had you, and that’s the most amazing things about your advice in the verse in Hebrews 13:5….”I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  Thanks for sharing.


Canadian Football League (Category 4/5)

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It was the best pic of something that said CFL btw.

  1. Marcus Adams: It’s been nice to get to know some of you who played on the same field as myself Marcus.  Thanks for a new friendship many years ago, as well as sharing a portion of your story.  Isn’t it a small world btw…..Corey Harris?  Thanks again.
  2. Tom Cudney: It’s not normal for us players to get to know our coaches, especially when we’re playing, but I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to know you much better years later.  You’re a good guy Coach and I’m so thankful that you shared your story as well as encourage me whenever we talk.  Thanks again.
  3. Ventson Donelson: I’ve got some great memories of you V!  Not only were you a great db who had the fierce competitive spirit in him, but you also have a heart for helping others.  I have seen this over the years, many years later with your coaching and know that you’re making an impact in kids’ lives.  Thanks again.
  4. Ray Elgaard: Ray, I always joke around with you about Crib, so I won’t do it now!  Seriously, you were one of those greats that even though I shared the same field as you, I was kind of like….I’m 5 lockers away from a great one!  Thanks for sharing your story as it’s one that almost all athletes can relate to and be encouraged by.  You’re a good one #81!
  5. Norm Fong: Norm, I love that I had you as an equipment manager, but more importantly, love that I got a chance to see you a few times more even after leaving Regina!  Regina was a great place and you were a part of many memories that are so good.  Thanks again for sharing your story and I know it can be so encouraging to others who don’t think of themselves too much!  I’m glad you got healthy!  G-Rog #41
  6. Mike Kelly– Mike, I’m so thankful to have connected with you because of Larry.  Your story you shared is so interesting because as player’s we don’t really think too much about what all is involved with coaching!  It’s a lot of work as I got to know details and things slip by the wayside when we aren’t careful.  I’m thankful that you shared your story and know it will be an impact to other young coaches who want to do it right by working smarter, but not harder!  Thanks again Coach.
  7. Kelly Lochbaum: I love that I get a chance to talk to players on the other side like you Kelly!  I’m also thankful that you gave me your time to share some of your story and something that most athletes have to deal with one day.  Injuries happen to all of us.  Thanks for sharing your story and encouraging others with your advice.
  8. Paul McCallum:  Thanks for your friendship over the years Paul.  Though I never held footballs for you or hung out during practice kicking them, you were always around and always a good guy and friend to all!  Your success on and off the field is great, but I love how you realized that you needed to take things more seriously and put in more work to be your best.  I wonder if that’s the reason why you were around so long?  ha ha
  9. Franky L. Smith: Franky, I’m so glad I got to know you through social media through other CFL connections.  When I think of you, I can see you either in a fishing picture or singing!  I also have a memory of when you shared comments on Jim Barber’s profile about his wife having breast cancer.  The whole reason why these stories matter isn’t just for the storyteller’s, but also for those who might be in a similar place!  I hope you were encouraged and thankful that you listened to your Mom and that God does answer prayers.
  10. Eric Sutton: Eric, you didn’t have to be loud back there as a db, you just needed to make plays.  Your leaderships was done by example.  You were always a good guy and friend to many and I’m thankful that you gave me your time to share your story; especially a story about a special Coach Echols who didn’t let you quit!  We need more coaches like him!
  11. John H. Terry III: JT, when I see your name, I think of a leader and competitor, but what is so cool to now know is how you persevered after getting cut 3x in order to finally make the team.  Thanks for you friendship and giving of your time.
  12. Larry Thompson:  When I first saw you in SK Larry, I knew you were fast!  You were our guy who could beat most down the field and that’s a great thing to have on your team.  The other side of things I didn’t know. Your story about growing up, being mixed up with the wrong crowd (by accident) and getting shot that could’ve really taken your life is so crazy!  The experiences that we all go through are so crazy, but we all have our unique stories.  I’m thankful that you shared yours Larry and I know your story will have an impact on many out there!
  13. James “Wild” West: It’s been great to be connected with you James.  Every time I see a picture of you, it’s hard to think that you are the age you are!  You always look so young!  I’m thankful that you gave us the opportunity to share some of your story, but more thankful that you share about keeping God in the mix!  Isn’t that amazing how God communicates, encourages and directs our path?


Business/Other (Category 5/5)

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Selfie at a networking event back in Cincinnati

  1. Kenneth Bailey: Ken, I’m thankful for our friendship.  You are a kind, good guy who wants to help others.  I love that.  I also love hearing your story but knowing that you learned from the toxic people in life so that you wouldn’t let that happen with your own family.  Thanks again for sharing.
  2. James Barber: Jim, your story of you, your family and your wife is really one that has been so impactful to others.  Just because there are some of us who aren’t around physically on earth doesn’t mean that we can’t make a difference.  Yusuf, Bill Rogers and Trudy’s stories will live on and inspire others to go deeper, surrender and finish strong.  I’m thankful for you time Jim.
  3. Bobby Brecher: Bobby, thank you so much to you and Al for who you are for the people that surround you.  You both are an encouragement and a light in a world that is getting darker daily.  I’m thankful that you were nominated, but also thankful and encouraged that one day you’ll share on our site!  I always look forward to seeing you both in The Villages.
  4. Shawna Davis: Shawna, I can’t imagine some of the things you had to deal with with the passing of your husband, but you show the world that you can come back stronger and with purpose.  As I follow you on social media, I’m always encouraged by your strength and zeal for life.  Thanks for your time to share with us and it’s so important to remember that “tomorrow is not promised.”  Thanks again Shawna
  5. Brayton Deal: Cut! That’s what I remember working with you many years ago.  Your personality, your love of life, your expertise with creativity are some great things to have and how I remember you. I’m thankful you gave your time to share with us and glad you decided to go after your dreams after “wrestling with emotions that wouldn’t go away.”
  6. David Guzik: Pastor Guzik thanks for sharing a bit of your story.  Most of it is on and Tami loves it.  You have been an encouragement to her as well as to her family.  Thanks for the light you shine with the things you’re doing and I really am thankful that you took time to share on our site as well!
  7. Clayton Hicks: Clayton, it’s been nice getting to know you over the years.  You are a good guy, hard worker and overcomer.  You love people and always seem so humble!  I’m thankful that you took time to share your written story as well as video as I know it will be an encouragement to others.  I love how you had a “squaring up with God” moment.
  8. Dr. Mark Leonard: Mark, I’m thankful for the opportunity to connect with you, get to know you and be a part of a weekly learning that you and Becky created.  Thanks again for sharing and being a part of Check Your Game.  I’m looking forward to learning about your future as I know you’ve got some great things in store.
  9. Jessica Milo: Smilo!  You are always smiling Jessica and that’s what I love about you!  Always in a good mood, happy and being a joy for others to be around.  I’m glad I got to know you better and appreciative of the story you shared about your family and your sister who you took time out of you life to care for!  That is truly a servant heart!
  10. Tisha Marie Pelletier: I love my girl Tisha! Really Tisha, you are a good lady who is inspiring, encouraging, always takes chances, goes out to be the best and people all love you for it!  It’s been nice getting to know you more and more and I’m appreciative that you took time to be a part of this community by sharing your story.  It will always be around to impact others.
  11. Kristin Nelson: You shared your story, but by the time you read this, it may not be up yet!  You are my good friend who I’m so thankful to get to know. You love others, care for others and would give the shirt off your back to help.  Thanks for your friendship always and desire to help me with this business.  You are always so encouraging!
  12. Greg Roberts: Thanks Greg for sharing your time with us and your story.  I can only imagine some of the things you share about, but then did a 18o.  Is there anyone or anything else that can encourage us to make changes for the better other than a relationship with the Lord?  Thanks again and looking forward to knowing you more.
  13. Steven Schwenkler: Steven, I’m thankful for the opportunity to get to know you a little better.  I can’t relate to the smarts that God gave you, but I can relate to getting off the path!  Your story of going down the wrong path is one that many can relate to and I’m encouraged that you will continue to impact others always.  Thanks again.
  14. Jake Thomspon: Thanks Jake for the time you gave to share your story.  Without even looking back, I can still remember you sharing about the bottle that you had on the couch and your friend was letting you know that things needed to change.  Your story is encouraging to so many and I’m thankful that you shared it with us.
  15. Marnie Swedberg: Marnie, thank- you so much for connecting with me and doing my first video that was done over my platform!  You are a good lady and I can see it in your smile, hear it in your voice and sense the Holy Spirit in you!  Thanks for sharing with me on this site and love staying in touch.
  16. Ginger Terrell: Do you think a 4 hour conversation was long enough?  I don’t know if it was 4, but it was a long one.  You are easy to talk to and I loved listening to some of your past.  God got your attention and you made some great changes.  Thanks for sharing your story and I’m looking forward to your next adventures in life.
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Jean Rogers says:

I Love all that you are doing to share these amazing stories… They are impactful.
As friends and family nominate, more people will be blessed by the special life stories. God bless!
Always praying!

Gary Rogers says:

Thanks Mom. I love encouraging others and what I’m doing. I really just wanted those who have shared a story to get a taste as to what it’s like to be nominated. Thanks for your comments.

Joseph Peebles says:

Awesome stuff here Hype. I love the stories.

Joe P.

Gary Rogers says:

Joe P (Wodies), thanks for your comments. There are so many stories out there that can be used to encourage others who might be in a similar place as you and I. I’m thankful for your time to share your story and support with Check Your Game. Thanks again Joe! Your friend always, Hype.