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At the company I worked for, I had to cut my hair often.  The only problem was that I didn’t have the money to get it cut.  I  was getting married and all resources went towards building my house.  I was really broke.  Then one day as I was going to work, I found money on the street- enough for a haircut.  While on my way to the barber, I stopped by a missions service.  The message spoke to my heart and I decided to give the money I had found towards the missionary work.  I knew I was giving my very best.

A few days later, I found myself in the same place where I had found money only to discover more money, similar in value.  It was enough for my  haircut.  God came through!  He was testing my faith and I knew I was approved!

My Advice

The lesson I take from this testimony is be faithful, even if it's with a little. God doesn't need money, he needs our faith.


Though such a simple story, I think this story is so powerful. I think of how God views the things that He's given to me and if I'm using those things to glorify Him or not! Am I trustworthy with just a little bit or do I think that it's so small that it's no big deal to spend or use that little bit aimlessly with little consideration to God? The little bit that God gives us could be money, knowledge, a book, a small business, a new podcast, an opportunity to share God with others or you fill in your own blank__________! How can you take whatever God has given you and use it for His glory? That's the question I'm asking myself right now! I'm thankful for Alex and how he instigated this with me. I hope you will reflect on any changes you can make in order to make God more proud!

Do you have a story where you want to brag about God? Do you want to encourage others through a situation that you went through and how God was able to bring you through it? Do you want to be a part of a resource so that others can find a story with the "topics" that you share so that people don't feel as if they're on an island by themselves?

No need to feel like you need a story made for the movies. You just need to be humble, transparent and willing to serve others so that they can be encouraged with your story and how you bragged about what God has done for you in your life through your testimony or how He has brought you through any storm(s) of life.

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This is such a beautiful story with a great message. Thanks for sharing this!

jean+rogers says:

Good for you my friend. You are a witness for the faithfulness of Jesus. He loves you.