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Andrea has always been committed to the long game — helping her clients by walking and understanding them deeply. When her husband and business partner Terry had a stroke a couple of years ago, she and I were actually going through some of the same things at the same time — running our businesses while our husbands battled big wars in the health arena. Her faith, tenacity, creativity, hard work and — above all — Love for family, friends and clients continued to shine even as she and Terry reconfigured their family and work lives. I’d like her to share her story — and how the events of the past few years has changed her game.

Andrea, here is the link to Share Your Story


Andrea - I've nominated you to share your story on this great website. Gary is a connector, building on great things and you can read our story here (mine and Dave's). It goes in depth about a moment (one that you know well!) of truth for us.... and it felt good to write it down and share it as encouragement for others. My hope is that you will enjoy the same. With such respect and admiration -- Lisa

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