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PLEASE READ:  After Check Your Game finished a video interview with Angela, we then created a written version of her Check Your Game moment that you can read below.   For more details around this moment or sometimes a process, please watch the video along with minute markers for your convenience.  Lastly, if you want to encourage her, please share your comments in the section below her business card, and when you do, we will connect you both to each other via Linkedin, messenger or email.  If you don’t want to connect, just put in initials of your name.  Also be sure to reach out to her, connect, or hire her for your grant writing needs.


For many years, Angela was living on her own path. Even though she attended Catholic Mass, she was only checking the boxes.  Angela didn’t know it then, but she was inching closer to really knowing Jesus and having a relationship with Him.  In the meantime, she struggled with anxiety, depression and even thoughts of suicide which led to her first rock bottom moment.  She was tired of living in the torment from the past 12 years and wanted & needed to change.

So, this year, March 2021, Angela experienced her Check Your Game moment after hitting rock bottom a second time.  She cried out to the Lord and said, “enough is enough.”  She then made a decision to do things His way and has experienced many blessings since.

Check out her video below with minute markers that will help guide you to any specific parts of her story, including her Check Your Game moment from 16:18-17:46.

Minute Markers for your convenience- click on the gearbox after you hit Play (to the left of  the words “YouTube) and then click subtitles if you’d like to read along

1:17      Angela shares more details about herself….Loves Jesus

2:39.   What does Check Your Game do? We brag about God

3:00   Angela talking about sharing her story

3:40.  Catholic faith, but no relationship with Jesus.  “I was just checking boxes.”

4:31   Angela’s shares the time frame of her Check Your Game moment took place over 7 months ago

5:11-9:04  Old path, sister, low confidence & depression

10:17  Moved to Houston/new environment her family thought would be good

11:13. Still looking to find fulfillment with things from the outside/still not happy

12:20  Suicidal thoughts

13:27   She was approaching her Check Your Game moment.  “Enough is enough.”

14:34. Gary shares about what it takes to get to Heaven- ask for forgiveness.  Invite Jesus in your heart.

14:56 Ask, Seek and Knock

15:38  1 Corinthians verse- the old is gone and the new is here.  God brought Angela through the storms

17:43- 17:47  LISTEN TO ANGELA HERE! “I’m done.  I’m done.”

17:48  Old Angela & New Angela

18:41  Gifts

19:36  Angela’s before and after/viewpoint of the ladies she met at a retreat

20:27  Grant writing business- Angelawrites (see her business card below)

21:15  What advice do you give?  Angela shares Jesus among other pieces of advice.

Angela has Nominated (N) or Introduced (I) and if they Shared (S) their story: COMING SOON




My Advice

My advice is the three P's: Prayer, Patience, Persistence, and some more prayer. Open your heart to Jesus, and he will heal whatever you need. He will give, but you most always follow his will. Jesus is the gift that keeps on giving to me. Give him your life, troubles, and worries, and he will bless you endlessly.

The Lord has healed me, and while I know I'm still a sinner, he shows me mercy and gives me the grace to keep going. God bless you. Allow HIM to HEAL you, and you will be living a life of Peace, Happiness, and Hope. All you have to do is ask, seek, and knock.
Matthew 7:7-8

My business card

Angela Borges

Grant Writing

I am young, passionate, and a go-getter. Therefore, I will wholeheartedly invest my time in YOUR mission. My passion lies in serving others and creating capital for life-changing programs.

My typical customer

Creating capital for a 501c3 nonprofit's mission can truly change someone’s life. The heart ♥️ and soul of a nonprofit is its fund development department ?. Without money ? there are no life-changing programs. So let me help you create capital for your ideas, programs, and strategic initiatives, so that together we can change and impact another’s life.

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Angela Borges

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Jean+Rogers says:

Angela, Thank you for sharing your story. May God use your life journey experience to help others. Continue on the path to trust Jesus with the Bible as your guide. God has a beautiful plan for your life.
Blessings to you my friend.

Angela Borges says:

Yes! Thank you so much for watching my story. I definitely intend to continue following Jesus and his living word!!

Peggy Bodde says:

Angela! What an incredible woman you are. Beautiful, talented, and genuine. Wow. Thank you for sharing your story. I know God has great things in store for you.

Angela Borges says:

Thank you so much for your kind words!! I appreciate you!

billy southe says:

Angela!!! “I’m doooooonnnne!!! I’m donnnnnneeeee!”

Love this story, thankful for you and for what God has planned in your life!! so inspiring. Stay the course baby!!!!!!

Ángela Borges says:

Thank you so much Billy!! I appreciate
Your comment and I am so happy to be apart of the Bible study group!

Gary Rogers says:

Thanks so much Angela for sharing your story with us at Check Your Game. I’m thankful for our new friendship and will always be here to help when I can. I’m also honored that your story can be a resource for others who are dealing with topics like depression, not feeling good enough or suicide! I’m more thankful that we both share that God is the solution! Thanks again

Scott White says:

We fill up that lonely hole in our soul with so many things, (I tried a few)

What an inspiring story, and a valuable mission, helping nonprofits find the funding that they need.
(as someone who ran a nonprofit I know the vital service you are providing)

I loved what you said that “I tried it Angela’s way, let’s try it God’s way”
Isn’t He good that he honors such a desperate cry?

Praise God you found the one who satisfies

Bless you sister!