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As the daughter of a pastor, my daddy led me to faith in Jesus at age five. My trust was shattered at age 2-8 with incest by my grandfather & clergy sexual assault! The stress & trauma’s plunged me into deep depression, denial resulting in PTSD & frightening nightmare’s, memory blocks in school & hormone shots to begin my menstrual cycle. Raped at 18 & married at 20 we struggled to conceive, so we adopted our first born. I realized I was trying to run from myself & the demon’s from my past!

When I chose to face & forgive the pastor, God began to release decade’s of pain! At that moment I realized forgiveness would never erase my past but could become my passionate purpose as I grieved my many losses allowing the ember of hatred leave my soul & be empowered to live free! Unmasking my pain it’s in the telling that those secret’s no longer hold power over me!

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Support is very necessary for a survivor to heal soul wounds to be free from shame, blame & bondage. SHAME SAYS I DID A BAD THING! BLAME SAYS I AM A BAD PERSON! We need to be like Jesus reaching to the least of these, Cry with them, believe in them to help unmask their pain!

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Listen to the Cry of the Child

Business/International Award Winning Author

I've been called into violence prevention full-time ministry out of my brokenness & ultimate soul healing & restoration as a Mental Health advocate.

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I'm a NAASCA Stop Child Abuse NOW Talk Show Co-Host, Life Coach, Counselor, Speaker, Teacher, Warrior, International Award Winning Author & Humanitarian Aid Worker who's voice has reached thousand's all over the world! ?

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Peggy Bodde says:

“Support is very necessary for a survivor to heal soul wounds to be free from shame, blame & bondage.”

I love this, Barbara! Speaks directly to my heart. I’ve found that when we share our abuse, people shy away from us and our stories. My childhood was traumatic, so friends and relatives often ignore my memories and only talk about their own. Listening and asking questions can be a strong form of support. Thank you for sharing your story and all you are doing for survivors!

Peggy thank you for what you wrote to me after watching my trailer! Yes support is very necessary in order to move forward! It’s so tragic that it takes a lifetime to tell & heal from all the damage to our soul’s. For me it’s become a full time passionate purpose to help set other captive’s free from shame, blame & bondage! If you’re interested in further connecting with me for a personally signed copy of my beautifully illustrated published book/honest memoir Listen to the Cry of the Child please send me an email at

jean+rogers says:

God Bless you Barbara. You are a very special and precious lady who is very brave and obedient. Jesus is the light and is using your difficult journey to bring out His light to shine out of the darkness of evil in the world. Thank you for letting God use you to help others who have a similar past experience. I so appreciate my son Gary Rogers; He has a passion to tell “The Stories” to help and encourage others. What a gift for all of us. Praying for your continued success with the outpouring of healing and love from Jesus.
From Mama Jean

Ma ma Jean how thoughtful of you to send me a message of encouragement! We are truly sister’s ❤ in a world who needs Jesus! Reading what you wrote brought many memories back to me of all the wonderful time’s we’ve had as family. At my mom & daddy’s Thanksgiving we always took time after our big dinner to share what God was doing in our lives which was so special. I miss those times now that God took them to live eternally together ❤with Him & look forward to seeing them again one day!

jean+rogers says:

Barbara you are an amazing overcommer. Wow!!! What a story for you to share. May God continue to use you from your broken past to your present victory in Jesus. Thank you for your transparency and your volunerability to speak out. So happy to hear that the Word of God was and is your handbook for life’s issues.
You are a wonderful woman of God.

I commend you Barbara. Oh my goodness what a horrific situation you had to endure. Oh my hurt just aches for you at that time and gets angry at those who hurt you.
How amazing that you can hear the Father calling to you to begin healing. Especially by forgiving. Hardest thing to do yet the easiest and greatest because it’s for us.
I love your story. You are a survivor and thriving. God isn’t finished with restoration yet.
Blessings Beautiful Sister. Thank you so much for being transparent and sharing this with the world ✝️🙏🎁

In looking back over my life although I wouldn’t want to go through it all again I know like you, Tonni God’s heart was broken, wept, saw it all & is using our testimony to help lift the burden & bring soul healing!

Scott White says:

Such courage in choosing forgiveness, and in sharing your story. Thank you Barbara!

Scott, I’m so thankful for you & your courage to watch how God set me free as I was willing to forgive one of my perpetrators! It has been a full-time calling with God’s anointing to set other captives free! Please contact us for my personally signed copy of my book at