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The Story

Becky is a lady who has dedicated her life, not only to her own kids, but to hundreds of kids throughout the years at both Lockland and Arlington Heights.

She has helped coach every sport possible within the village of Lockland’s youth programs as well as helping to oversee the Marching Band at LHS for the past 10 years. From a team mom standpoint and supporter of the football team, her dedication cannot be outmatched. She has done everything from arranging team meals each Friday to re-painting our senior panther paws at the stadium to countless rides she’s given to students in need. I’ve been at three programs all of which have had unbelievable community and parent support, but no one on the level like Becky.


She is the definition of Panther Pride!


Becky, you sound like a really special woman and I'm so glad that Steve took the time to share some of your story. It's great to hear how selfless and servant oriented you have been for so many years. Thank-you for all that you've done and your dedication to your community. It's people like you who are truly making a difference in the lives of our youth. Congratulations on being nominated to the Check Your Game community of like minded individuals. You deserve this recognition. Gary Rogers

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Jessica Harper says:

I can’t think of a person more deserving 💛 Growing up, my mom was someone many of my friends referred to as their “second mom”. I can’t even begin to count how many people that are around my age who know her number by heart. No matter what time of day it is, she is always the first to drop everything for others- even if it means getting little to no sleep. She gives her all even when it seems as though all hope is lost. Without her, so much would seize to exist- & she doesn’t do it for anyone else but the children in the community. I mean, who else’s trunk is full of blue & gold you name it?? She seriously embodies what it means to be a selfless servant, & is someone I aspire to be more like every day. I love you, mama! Congrats

Wanda Hatter says:

Becky is so deserving of this nomination. Throughout her children’s school years she has been involved above and beyond what is expected of a parent. So many of Lockland’s youth call her Coach Becky, even as young adults. She is always there for the children and community.

Teresa Harper says:

So proud of you What a great mom. Most selfless, dedicated mom making sure her kids not only were at school every day but was there for other kids that needed a ride to and from school but also was at school anytime she was needed no matter what the temperature was. She was a coach of many of the sports giving up many precious hours of sleep only for the kids. She is truly a dedicated lady that I am proud to call my daughter-in-law.

Melissa Turner (Fagin) says:

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Becky pretty much my whole life. There isn’t a thing this woman wouldn’t do for the people around her! Can’t think of anyone more deserving of this recognition!!

Susan Meeks-Bullough says:

Not to mention the annual Marching Band Invitational competition that she oversees every year in Lockland! Thank you Becky for everything you do to promote the music program also! I am so glad that you are being recognized.

John Hicks says:

I have coached with Becky throughout the years and I have never seen someone so dedicated and loving of all the kids. My son and a bunch of others will tell you that she is like or is their second mother! I’ve seen her petition for the school and the community, I’ve seen her load her vehicle down with more than it could hold to get these kids rides to the games and home! I’ve seen her volunteer more time to cleanup the parks, neighborhood, painting where needed ect.. in my life I have never seen anyone come even close to putting the time and effort into her community and almer mater. She deserves so much more than this but it’s a great start to showing her us parents and community appreciates what she does! Thanks Becky!