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Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share on your site. Although I don’t share any specific story, I’ve done the best I can to share what I believe my life story is all about. I’m humbled to be able to share it and really appreciate you asking us.

Billy and Gary at Young Life Camp in Colorado.

It’s taken me a long time to realize that mistakes don’t have to define you. I’ve made more than my share. Slowly, God has kindly showed me that He doesn’t stop working on us or in us. That He does not leave His children behind. That He is a God that calls us to repentance through His kindness. I’ve made lots of bad decisions in Business, as a Husband , Dad and on the athletic field. In Philippians 1:6 we learn “being confident of this that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” What an amazing verse to be able to cling to when we feel unworthy, unloved, lost and find ourselves in a spot that we could have never imagined. I listened to a sermon at the Vineyard in Cincinnati this weekend by Beth Guckenberger. She reminded us that there are two story lines that are at war in each of our lives. The first is the story that Jesus is writing in the lives of His children. It sounds like this: reconciliation, rescue, repair and redemption. The second is the enemy. His story line sounds like this: conflict , destruction and loss. She explained that this is difficult because what comes naturally to us is the 2nd story line. Our nature is corrupt and naturally identifies with and seeks the story line of the enemy which tries to steal life from us. It steals life through worry, fear, idols that leave us wanting more. These idols can be accomplishments, people (person) , work or anything else that distracts us from the real true source of fulfillment, Jesus. She went on to tell us that we tend to think we can settle in the middle of these story lines. The fact is it’s just not true. There is no middle ground. It cannot happen. This is where my story would focus. For too many years in my life , although I was what I would call a sold out believer, even involved in full time ministry, I thought with certain areas of my life (and still do at times), that I could spend time in that middle ground. What I didn’t realize was what that middle ground could lead too. A place that I had no idea of how I had ended up at. The enemy is the father of lies. “Not too bad” he whispers in our ear, and “not too bad” turns into “the unthinkable.” We think we can manage in the middle when in reality we are risking not only the abundant life that God promises to us, but all that His Spirit in us truly wants to stand for and be impactful for.

Billy with his “Making Plays In Life” shirt.

So, my story is one of hope. That no matter where you find yourself right now or how far you may have slid, God has not given up on you. His story is one of reconciliation, redemption, rescue and repair. He wants to repair our families, our friends and our lives because of His undeserved love that He has for you. Proverbs 24:16 “for though the righteous fall seven times , they rise again.”

My Advice

Take time each day to spend it with God.


Billy, I've known you for over 30 years and I totally understand all the things you share, not just because of our friendship, but also because I've been in the "middle" or some say "riding the fence" as well in my life. I recommend others really digging into what you have to say because you've experienced many highs that others might fantasize about like making your first $million dollars, buying planes, running successful businesses and how if we aren't careful, good things can lead us to bad places, especially while being in the "middle." Though your story doesn't share anything about you as a Collegiate basketball player, I had a thought in regards to being an athlete and playing in the "middle" and what kind of result that brings. Being an athlete and playing in the "middle" to me means that sometimes you work out and sometimes you don't. Sometimes you listen to the coach and sometimes you don't. Sometimes you do the right thing and then sometimes you do the wrong thing. All these choices are purposeful and not because you are just ignorant or just don't know better. With this scenario of an athlete playing in the "middle," do you think this athlete has much hope for being a success? The question is rhetorical by the way! Billy, thanks for sharing your heart and for being vulnerable to share some of your past as well as encouraging others to not live and learn the hard way like you but to get out of the "middle" and to put God first and obey! I think when you do those things, you too will have a look like you do with the picture you sent to me; a picture when you finally got out of the "middle" and had your eyes opened to see the results when Godly choices were being made! Gary Rogers

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