Professional Football
Indian Hill '09
Tusculum '13
Montreal Alouettes '14

My Story

While I was growing up I was always super competitive in everything I did, besides in the classroom. I can remember having knock down drag out arguments with my mother daily about grades but it never changed my actions. While I was a Junior at Indian Hill, Vanderbilt came to visit and was very interested in me playing at their college but wasn’t able to recruit me due to my grades. It was at this point that I realized that sports wasn’t the only important part of my life and I needed to really buckle down and focus on academics. I was able to turn the corner and become competitive in the classroom as well which allowed me to continue my football career into college. While in college, I met most of the best friends I have in the world, my future wife, and ultimately it ensured that I receive a job once my football playing days were over.

My Advice

You only have so many interactions with people during the day, make sure that those interactions are positive because you never know what that other person may be going through. Also, remember that you only have a finite amount of time to compete in a sport whether that's in high school, college, or the pros. Be competitive in the classroom and give back to your community because that is what ultimately will carry you throughout your life.


Bo, it seems that as we get older, a lot of times we also can look back and see the changes we wish we would've made. Thanks for being vulnerable and talking about how education was something you took lightly for a while in high school. It's so important for young kids to hear from an athlete such as yourself who not only is in their High School HOF, but also in Tusculum's HOF! What an amazing accomplishment and to be able to help encourage others that school is so important for athletics, getting into a good school as well as preparation for work when sports end! Lastly, you mention community. I too have learned that community is an important area that a lot of times we as athlete's go through life and don't think much about. You sound like you are encouraging athlete's to get involved, reach out to others as well as be a good citizen in the community. Thanks again Bo for your story and advice. You and I may have not gone through athletics the very best way but I know others will learn from us and so I thank you for your time. -Gary Rogers

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