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I first met Bobbie back in 2008 when Bill, I, Bobbie and Al lived in the Village of Largo. During a women’s golf outing, I got to know Bobbie as we rode in the cart together.  There was a conversation about our faith and soon realized that we were both Christians. It was decided pretty quickly that we would start a Bible study together.  It would be at my home in the Village of Hemingway and Bobbie would be the teacher. Our first study was called “The Bad Girls of the Bible” and our second study was from a book called “What In The World Is Going On,” an end times study by Dr. David Jeremiah. We saw much growth in attendance (about 35 ladies).  After a year, we moved to a Village recreation center card room. Our Bible study continued to grow.   We moved several more times to accommodate the numbers that gave us more parking. We saw the hand of God’s blessing over the years. It was good Christian fellowship, precious worship music and great Bible teaching.  Bobbie is a good teacher…a gift from God!

Char, Jean and Bobbie (3 good friends)

I have known Bobbie for more than 10 years and have a wonderful love for her. The love she has for the Lord is an inspiration to me. Bobbie is faithful, positive, caring, intuitive, reassuring and wise. She loves divine appointments and is consistent to look for people to help. Bobbie is a “one-of-a-kind” believer who has your back and never gives up on you when you’re down. What a beautiful reassuring believer she is to me and to so many others. Bobbie, I am thankful for your faithful and loving friendship.

When I lost my good husband Bill this past year; you and Al were there for me every day with words of encouragement, scripture verses and much prayer.

Bobbie is a Proverbs 31 woman. “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

That’s my friend Bobbie.

Bobbie was nominated by Jean Rogers- Click here to read her story.

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Bobbie, this is Gary Rogers, Founder of Check Your Game. I'm excited that my Mom (Jean) has Nominated you to be a part of our community. When people share their story like Jean has done, a part of our process is for those who shared their story to also Nominate 2+ people that they want to thank, acknowledge or encourage (easy online form). Here are a few things we want you to know about being Nominated and any next steps: We will not share this Nomination on social media, although it will remain on the Nominations page unless you tell us to take it down. Next, if you have interest in sharing your story like Jean did, we would love to get on a phone call or zoom to get to know you better, or just to simply share more about our process that includes: 1- sharing your story (online form), 2- receiving encouragement from others' comments on your profile as well as we make introductions to those who have commented, 3- recorded video (optional) and then, 4- the opportunity to nominate 2+ others (it's best to go through the process before you nominate so you can experience something we think is pretty cool and impactful to you and to others).

Feel free to connect with me @513-310-9476/ with any questions or if you have interest in sharing your story right away, you can feel free to visit our online form. Go to the homepage and click on "share a story." All instructions are there with fill in the blank boxes, but we recommend you taking a look at the form and then typing your 2 answers on a Word Document first. Then come back when you are finished and cut and paste to the form along with the other pieces of information. All instructions are a part of that form. And of course, you are welcome to talk to Jean as well.

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Gary Rogers says:

Bobbie, you are a good woman! I say good like my Mom uses the word good as she described my Dad in your story. Thanks for all that you and Al have done to be there for my Mom and to support and love her too! I’m so glad to have gotten to know you both and will help either of you if you ever need it! Love you both, Gary.

Greg says:

Thank you Bobbie for not only your friendship to my Mom but for your encouragement towards her when Dad passed. You are loved and appreciated!

Marjie Setser says:

Bobbi is truly the hands and feet of Christ here on earth. She is a daily witness for our Lord and is intentional in leading others to Christ. She is truly a master teacher and I am privileged to call her friend!

Janet Vlasic says:

I have known Bobbie to be a woman who is extremely strong in her faith. She is always cheerful, never negative, has a beautiful smile, and sees the positive in everything!
What I am most thankful for is all the support she gave my sister, Jean, after Bill passed away. Bobbie never missed a day to call and check on Jean. She helped her through a difficult time. Bobbie is what you call a “true friend”.

Bobbie Brecher says:

To all the members of the beautiful Rogers family!
What a privilege and a joy to get to know this incredible, godly family! I am amazed, encouraged and blown away with the love that is found here! You are a testimony to the Lord showing the world what a family was meant to be! I love you all!

Grady says:

When I first met Bobbie (being 6’5″) I remember thinking “man I really got to bend down to hug this lady.” I say that jokingly because sometimes BIG things come in small packages. Bobbie has one of the biggest hearts for people I know. I am so thankful for her friendship with my Mom and Dad. She continues to restlessly share her faith with the community she lives and is doing amazing things in the Villages.

Glen Rogers says:

Bobbie, Thanks for always being there for my mom, especially when Dad was sick. You always reminded her and all of us of God’s promises and God’s faithfulness. Your encouragement and love has been a blessing to our family.