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I woke up miserable… again! This had been going on for months and months. I had no idea what to do with my life. On paper, I should have been super happy. I had my “dream job” at the time as a technical director and musician at a growing church, but still I felt empty.

Left to right is Paul Deal, Brayton Deal III, Brayton Deal IV and Jude Deal

I went to my dad and asked him what to do. Now, my dad and I don’t typically have heart to hearts, so my expectations weren’t high. He simply told me, “You should start a company.” I said YEAH RIGHT. I have no idea how to do that. He replied, “You’re an entreprenuer, it’s who we are as a family.” That night I couldn’t sleep. Actually, the next 3 nights I couldn’t sleep as I wrestled with the idea. But that’s when I knew it was something I needed to do.

Established January 2015

I put in my resignation, and with no money and no work lined up, I stepped out and started a video company. 5 years later, my company has grown to 4 employees, a handful of subcontractors, and we’ve served well over 50 clients while making thousands of videos. My dad sowed a seed of identity in my heart and it took root. I checked my game, my attitude, my future and I made a decision. And that decision, has shaped my life into what it is today.

My Advice

Seek counsel when you're wrestling with emotions that won't go away. They're probably God urging you to step into an adventure bigger than you can imagine.


Brayton, what a cool story and so thankful for your Dad encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone to start a business. I don't think he was randomly just telling you to do something unless he thought you could do it! I'm pretty sure he knew you pretty good, knew what talents you possessed and knew that you just needed a nudge. I love that you stepped out for an adventure and also excited that I got to be a part of a few videos where I could see your talents personally! Thanks again so much for sharing your story and advice and I know there are many others that need to be nudged in order to experience their new adventure that is bigger than they could imagine too!

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Iron House Studios

Video Marketing

Most businesses lack the time and expertise to create a video that markets their product. We give you a video and marketing message all in one. No more wasted time and money on videos that flop. Our simple, effective process instills confidence into your team and customers through practical videos.

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Small to Mid-Size Companies who are ready to scale

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