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“Hi Gary. I think the world of Bruce and the impact his faith and positive attitude is having on thousands of individuals. His daily message of sharing the “word of the day” as an encouragement is spreading across many forms of media.

Bruce is the author of Above The Chatter, Our Words Matter.
His story is amazing.” Cathy Parker- Nominated Bruce

Click HERE to read Cathy’s story or the picture below)


Bruce continued the process after being NOMINATED and shared his story in the LIFE STORIES area. Click HERE! 


Bruce, I was so glad that Cathy connected me to you and we had a chance to learn about each other. You are another one of those solid men out there who are working on making a difference in others' lives. I'm looking forward to what you'll be sharing with your story and just want to say congratulations for being a part of our Check Your Game community. Thanks, Gary

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Paul says:

Listen, Bruce is an outstanding man, friend and inspiration to many!!! I have had the privilege not only to meet him, but collaborate with him on my podcast and livestreams building up men to edify the bod!!! I am blessed to know him and leave this review!!!

Bruce Pulver says:

Paul. Thank you for your warm and heartfelt comments. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to meet you and be a small part of your wonderful ministry of helping others.