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I decided to examine my life in 2015. I was very frustrated about the fact I couldn’t keep a job. I was on an emotional roller coaster!

In 2007 I took a therapy course at my church entitled Break Through. Each person had to pick something they wanted to change in their lives. I wanted to stop going from job to job. The pain of my past, hurt so much, that I couldn’t share my feelings in the group. Our facilitator allowed me to take the course by myself. We had to listen to a CD every night and write out exercises. It was a very inspiring and powerful course. I discovered the enemy was trying to humiliate me and also steal our finances.

But even with this knowledge, I still kept leaving jobs. I was very insecure and developed perfectionism. I went through a great deal of anxiety, worries, and fears and seasons of depression.

I even would stop myself from going on interviews or applying for certain jobs based on my fear of  “Would this position work out?”

So finally in 2015 I decided, “enough was enough.” I was finishing up college at the time. I was ready to draw the line in the sand. I got serious in the Word. I spoke powerful scripture over me- scriptures about my identity in Christ. I was deep in prayer.

I was participating in an online corporate fast with my church on a broad stream called Periscope.

On this platform I heard from several women of faith. They encouraged me and built me up as I listened to their stories and testimonies.

I was given powerful scriptures to read by a couple men who moved in the prophetic. I had been introduced to the prophetic in 2009 and I too move in the gift of prophecy. Plus I am an intercessor.

But, the climax of my awakening was when God reprimanded me in love. He pointed out Ephesians 2:10. I am approved by Him. He told me, “I was committing adultery and idolatry.” I figured out that I was putting everyone’s opinions, above His!

I repented. Also I discovered I was a highly sensitive person accidentally. I was doing research about a student I was tutoring.

I bought the book The Highly Sensitive Person, by Elaine Arron.
There have been studies done on the brain. HSP’s are wired differently.

Much of my childhood and adolescence, even adulthood began to make sense!

God brought in that season to me, awareness, fellowship, and much healing. I now have a good self-esteem and low anxiety. I am not afraid to try new things. I forgive those who might wrong me. I know that I’m created special.

I have forgiven everyone who has hurt me in the past because of their words or actions.

God took me from behind the scenes writing a blog, to being a bold woman of Christ, sharing my story on social media. He used my voice.

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In 2019 I wrote and published my first book. I also was a contributing author in an anthology on mental health. In that same year I started my first podcast.

Last fall I decided to create a website as a resource for sensitive women. This came about because in February 2020 I signed up with a faith based group coaching program.

My Advice

I encourage all of YOU to keep an open mind and avoid self-criticism. Know your Heavenly Father loves you unconditionally. With Him All things are Possible. You can go to Him and share all your concerns. He will listen and be there for you. Trust Him with everything. I leave you with one of my key scriptures I go to often- Proverbs 3:5-6.
Blessings, Carol

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Serenity Sensitive


I’m an advocate and mentor for sensitive women, especially those who have a great deal of trauma and past hurt. I share information and resources on my website (video's coming soon). I combine wellness, along with walking with God.

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Carol’s testimony is an inspiring one that can help lift other’s out of anxiety & trust God that He can change any circumstance! Thank you for sharing.💜

Carol Strang says:

I am so glad my story gives hope. Jesus is our Hope. Bless you Barbara

Thank you for vulnerably sharing your journey and transformation. I’m so encouraged by your story and will definitely be looking into the information you provided!

Carol Strang says:

Staci, I am so glad my story has encouraged you. Blessings on your journey. With God All things are Possible.

Today it seems that the veil is being lifted and more people are able to talk about whom, themselves. Finding ourselves is a very important revelation, and finding that God who lives within all of us. Having a personal relationship with God, makes everyday a holiday. Thank you, Carol for sharing your story. “ Another Life Worthwhile, “ Jodi LaBelle

Carol Strang says:

You are so welcome. It is truly an honor to share my story. It’s a divine appointment that God allowed me to discover Gary’s website!