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Char has been my friend for over 40 years starting back in Cincinnati where we raised our families of all boys (Char’s 3 and my 4).

We made many wonderful memories over the years sharing fun times of vacations, Hilton Head spring break timeshare week, volunteers as Young Life adult sponsors with our husbands (Bill & Terry), family birthday parties and celebrations, holiday dinners, working at the same pre-school in Mariemont, doing Mary Kay Cosmetics, singing in the Billy Graham Choir as well as attending many Bible studies over the years.

Surprise performance with Char on the left (Sonny) and Jean (Cher) performing at Gary and Tami’s wedding rehearsal dinner. They sung, “I’ve got you babe!”

We also shared the experience of having “late in life” babies (Grady and Andy). In 2007, Bill and I and Terry and Char started a new journey by moving to The Villages. We experienced wonderful memories once again, this time in Florida. We also lived in the same Village (the Village of Largo and the Village of Hemingway).  Currently, we live 4 houses from each other.

Char has been a wonderful friend throughout the years. When my good husband Bill passed away in 2019, Char and Terry were always very supportive and caring. I appreciate the faithfulness and love. Char has a beautiful kind and caring heart. Her merciful attitude always shows empathy on every level to me and to others. She is a wonderful and full of faith Christian woman who loves worship music. She is my sweet and precious friend as well as to many ladies in The Villages. I love the fact that we find so much to talk about and always with much laughter.

Char, you are pretty on the outside and beautiful on the inside; I am proud to call you my friend.

Char was nominated by Jean Rogers- Click here to read her Life Story.

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Gary Rogers says:

Mrs. Innis, our families have known each other for many, many years. I remember lots of memories of going to your house for sleepovers, playing some great baseball games against Steve and Mr. Innis (coach for Kenwood), vacations, and now the memories of being my Mom’s neighbor as I usually see lots of you (especially as you’re on your morning walks). You and Mr. Innis have always been very good to our family, but especially to my Mom as of late. I really do appreciate that. I also wanted to say thanks to Mr. Innis who I think has been over many times fixing things such as (doors, flag poles, internet, etc). I’m so glad that you were recognized by my Mom because it is well deserved! Love Gary

Greg says:

Thank you Char for your faithfulness in not only friendship to my Mom, especially in the loss of Dad, but additionally your presence as what I consider a loving, gracious extended family member to the Rogers fam over the years. (We are truly part of the same family in Our Savior!) And Jill and I will never forget or lack appreciation for your participation in our wedding! Blessings from all the Rogers.

Janet Vlasic says:


I always thought of you as my “replacement” sister. Because I was always out of state, you were there for Jean when I wasn’t. For that, I am so grateful. Now that Al and I have moved to Florida, and we are near by, I still think of you as my “replacement” when I cannot be there for Jean. Words cannot express how grateful I am that you are in Jean’s life. Thank you…and God Bless!

Marjie Setser says:

Char is truly beautiful inside and out. She shares her love for God by using the gift He has given her. Char leads us to God’s throne room each week as she leads worship in our Bible Study Group. It is only a foretaste of heaven, but it is glorious here on earth. Thank-you Char!

Grady says:

I have so many wonderful memories being with the Innis family. But most importantly I am just so thankful for the friendship they have with my Mom and Dad down in the Villages. How amazing is it that they now live a stones throw away in one of the coolest retirement communities in the world. Char is instrumental in spreading the Word in this community and God is using her in a special way.

Glen Rogers says:

Char, going to Lake Winnipesaukee is still one of my favorite memories from growing up and learning how to water ski. I also remember you singing a special song for Dawn and me at our wedding rehearsal. You are so creative and so thoughtful. Thanks so much for your friendship with my mom and our family!