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I met Chavon a year ago in the business academy we are both attending, Next Level Business Academy. She came in with some level of experience but was still in Corporate America, a wife, in ministry, and the host of Power & Grace Leaders Podcast. Chavon came in with a goal to leave Corporate America and take her podcast and business to the next level. I have watched her from afar and she is simply killing it. She has taken every challenge presented to us by our leader and ran with it despite any challenges she may have had going on personally. She and I have had the privilege to share platforms and never was there a spirit of competition. We both cheer each other on along the way. What prompted me to nominate her today is I saw her post about her recent ebook, Esther Rising, and it made me think about all I’ve seen her do. Chavon was once bound by fear, but she has literally kicked fear in the jugular! In the short time that I have known her, she has quit her Corporate job as planned, launched an academy to help other women overcome fear, She’s On Fire Academy, started a mentorship program, released a new ebook, Esther Rising, and so much more. I salute and honor her diligence and consistency. Chavon is known as The Fire Leadership Coach and it certainly fits because SHE IS ON FIRE! I don’t know all of her personal story, but I know she has one that will help transform the lives of many, which is why I nominate her today. I sincerely hope she will accept the nomination and share more of her own story.


Chavon, this is Gary Rogers, Founder of Check Your Game. I'm excited that Dr. Katrina nominated you to be a part of our community. When people share their story like Dr. K. has done, a part of our process is for those who shared their story like Dr. K., to Nominate 2 people she wants to thank, acknowledge or encourage (you are one of them). Here are a few things we want you to know about being nominated and any next steps: We will not share this "Nomination" on social media, although it will remain on the Nominations page unless you tell us to take it down. Next, if you have interest in sharing your story like Dr. K. did, we would love to get on a phone call or zoom to get to know you better and share about our process which includes the following: 1- share your story (online form), 2- receiving encouragement from others' comments as well as introductions to those individuals, 3- recorded video (optional), 4- the opportunity to nominate 2 others (this works best after you finished sharing your story).

Feel free to connect with me @513-310-9476/ with any questions or if you have interest in sharing your story right away, you can feel free to visit our online form. Go to the homepage and click on "share a story." All instructions are there with fill in the blank boxes, but we recommend you taking a look at the form and then typing your 2 answers on a Word Document first. Then come back when you are finished and cut and paste to the form along with the other pieces of information. All instructions are a part of that form.

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