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Video Highlights (minute markers)

00:36 Getting chills thinking about the athleticism of Corey Harris/12 year NFL player

1:58  Played his last 10 years w/o missing a game

3:00 Corey shares about NFL/shoutout to Louis Wooldridge/relationship from the past

4:39  Got cut by Oilers, continued with Green Bay leading in special teams tackles/Swiss Army Knife

6:00  Corey played for 6 teams in his 12 years (Nickel, SS, RB, Free Safety, Receiver, Corner)

7:52  More about the Swiss Army Knife (Corey had many tools as an athlete)

9:10  Corey was on edge every play/played different positions

10:00  Coach Ron Case…took out his teeth (dentures)

10:40  14 days of “old school” two-a-days at Baltimore

11:25  SAFER PLAY- A campaign to advocate for youth to play as safely as possible

14:00  Commodore Connection

14:30  The different things Corey is doing with kids playing sports, coaches, clinics, virtual coaching

18:28  Corey shares email

18:57  I brag a bit on Corey

20:00  Gary shares about Check Your Game and digging into who people are on the “inside”

21:00  Corey shares one of his Check Your Game moment in life/Finding Christ at an early age

22:27  Corey talks about the flashing light in his life going off many times, but he didn’t respond

22:36  Prodigal son/parents were married for 60 years (wow!)

24:12  Lost my Super Bowl Ring

24:50  Reaching out to a trusted person for help

25:40  Gary talking about financial issues for athletes

26:12  Was there a situation that stood out when you just were tired and done?

28:00  Corey shares how God needed him to focus on Him and not his wife

28:40  The wonderful thing about Check Your Game

29:02  Did $, cars, football bring you contentment/Corey’s Mom- had a heart of Christ/Giver

32:19  What advice would you give to others based off of your story?  Systems/routines, etc

34:50  What Patrick Fitch said!  “Be patient with people and persistent with the process.”

37:35  How do you want to be remembered?

42:00  Working with Vanderbilt Athletics/Commodores for life

45:14  5:30 AM CST (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) workouts with Corey on FB Live.  Find the link below to FB live.


Corey, thank-you so much for sharing a part of your story. I know we could talk for hours about all the things you've done in life, sports and helping kids! Though a lot of years in your life were with playing sports, that isn't the most important thing to you. From what I heard, there was always a Faith component that was instilled by your parents and even though you might have left the path that God had you on, He never left you and you did come back to him! Corey, I hear in your words and feel your heart has a passion to help people, especially kids. If I had kids, I'd send them to you physically or have them call you on a weekly basis to check in with you for all areas of life. I know you care more about kids playing sports the best they can. You want kids to think about education, their health, the Faith component, choices etc. You care about people/kids as a whole and I hear you. I'm looking forward to helping you in any way I can Corey. Love you like a brother, because we are! G

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Gary E Shephard says:

Would love to see and visit with Corey. As Gary Rogers stated, one of the best football players to ever wear the Black and Gold. Coach Shep

Great interview Gary. Good mix of questions covering all areas of Corey’s life.

Doreen says:


Thank you for sharing your story!! Keep on shining your light!!!

Proud to be a fellow commodore!

Anchor Down,