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Who am I? My name is Cynthia and I am a work in progress. Before Dec. 9, 2014 I believed I had come a long way from the timid, sensitive, awkward child of the 60s. Always a dreamer, imagining myself accomplishing all kinds of amazing things. I wrote my first book at age 8. I even illustrated it. It was all about a band of wild horses and how they evaded capture. There were no good humans in it. They all wanted to capture the wild horses. But no one ever read that book except me.

I didn’t have many friends and I wasn’t really good at anything that interested other kids.

By the time I was in my mid fifties with a lot of life experiences to show for it, I felt like I had done well in spite of a slow start. I enjoyed being involved in many great activities. I spent lots of time doing things I loved. I could chase after my two grandchildren and ride my bike for many miles several times a week. I loved writing and directing Christian plays for our church’s Christmas Dinner Theater Community outreach ministry.

My life was fulfilling despite my lifelong struggle with low self esteem and anxiety.

On Dec. 9, 2014 while in recovery after a delicate procedure to correct an aneurysm in my brain, I experienced a major brain bleed and life as I knew it changed forever. The hemorrhagic stroke caused permanent damage to the part of my brain that controls the left side of my body.

My recovery at first was pretty significant. I clung to my faltering faith and begged God for complete healing. That was seven years ago and it has been a very long, roller coaster ride in my reality of disability.

Gary’s ministry is called “Check Your Game.” My greatest desire is to “get back in the game” and encourage other believers who have been benched by unforeseen circumstances.

4:06- Trailer

Full video interview

Minute Markers for your convenience

0:00 Welcome and quick intro to ex storyteller Peggy Bodde (she nominated our guest Cynthia Breen)

1:20- 2:00 Peggy introduces Cynthia (she shaped Peggy, incredible story to encourage others)

2:01. Cynthia shares about her family, husband, kids where she’s lived (military wife)

2:51 Husband got deployed and Cynthia has to learn how to function as a single parent

3:20-3:48 Gary discusses what we ask of others to share about on our platform

3:49 Cynthia discusses about becoming a believer, husband gets deployed, mom gets cancer, faith strengthener’s

5:15 -7:20 The event that led up to 2014 (plays, poetry, blog, God) STROKE (6:39- US WOMEN….IT’S FINE, WE’RE FINE)

7:21 The whole year was a time of seeing many doctors and new procedures because of the stroke (issues behind the eye)

8:16 December 8th, the second procedure was done.  Everything seemed to be okay, but it wasn’t……

9:16-9:22 The room filled up with all these white coats after the nurse hit “THE BUTTON”

9:23 “This is it, I’m going to see Jesus.” Cynthia during that time

9:37-10:20 Peggy shares more about Cynthia being active in the Church but also being so active in life (the next season would be so difficult because of this)

10:21 Cynthia had a brain hemorrhage (blood pressure medication and elevate her head).  Doctor felt she was going to get through this.

11:26-12:02 Re learn how to walk but physical abilities were compromised (swimming, hiking, camping, riding a bike)

12:03-12:37 MOST IMPORTANT THING-Cynthia reaches out to God and experienced PEACE almost immediately

12:38-13:12 Cynthia shares more about the effects of a stroke and frustrations with her body

13:13 Cynthia wants God to use her to encourage others how she can serve Him in her inhibited body

13:29 Peggy is proud of Cynthia and encourages her to share her story (genuine, transparent and open)

14:26-16:04 Cynthia “I love that you called me an athlete Peggy!”  (climbing, biking, swimming, bowling, walking, 1 handed golf)

16:05-17:20 Gary shares why Cynthia is even more of an athlete, BUT even more importantly…..PRAYER & how God provides!

17:21-18:07 Psalms, 2014 was huge, God reminds us, God sees us and knows us (His Mercy is always there)

18:08-18:58 Cynthia was ashamed of something….She stopped praying and reading the Bible

19:00 Cynthia shares her advice (don’t isolate yourself, find a Church and accept help)

19:27 Peggy’s final words (hope others will be encouraged to share their story)

19:57-20:14 Cynthia’s blog (Nov. 1, 2015 she shares her first blog)

My Advice

Ask for help. There is no shame in needing help to find resources to equip you for moving forward with disability.

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jean+rogers says:

Thank you Cynthia for sharing your story. Your journey is a story of hope. So pleased to read that you never gave up as you continued to trust the Lord with patients and prayer. God is with you in a beautiful and personal way. He is faithful and good. May Jesus be glorified. Blessings to you my friend 🙂

Cynthia Breen says:

Thank you very much for your encouragement Jean. It certainly hasn’t been an easy season of life. But then we aren’t promised easy seasons in fact we’re told that we will have difficulties in this life but that his grace is sufficient. I cling to that Grace as I know you do as well. Thank you again and God bless you!