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My Story

47 seconds left in the game…we’re down with the ball on our end of the field in a game to determine the Catholic League title. Coach Lenti calls us into the huddle and calls my number…deep post route. I say to everyone in the huddle, “Hold your blocks and I got you!” QB drops back…slings it as far as he can throw it…I run by my defender and get under the ball…too far under! The ball ricochets off of my helmet and goes about 5 yards in front of me. I take two more steps, dive parallel to the ground, extend and make the grab (crowd goes wild) to set up the game winning field goal to give us the league title!


My Advice

If I could go back in time...I would tell myself to dedicate more to watching film, building my body and my skillset to prepare me to excel in my position. There's nothing better than being prepared for the task ahead. As my mentor would say, "It's better to always be ready than to have to get ready!" Things rings true in sports and in life.


t sounds as if you didn't give up on the play even though it seemed like it was over. Great story Darryl and appreciate your willingness to share so others can learn. For anyone out there playing a sport where the ball almost seems out of reach, don't give up and keep moving like Darryl did! This story of the football can also be applied in life. There are many instances when we experience times in life when things are just out of our reach and no one expects us to make the play including ourselves. Don't let that stop you from giving your best. Reach a little farther and stretch yourself no matter what the outcome is like Darryl because you'll never regret giving your best. -Gary Rogers

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