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My name is David Guzik, and I have been in Christian service since my early 20s. I grew up in a great home with loving parents and siblings. As a boy, religion and Christianity was definitely respected, but not really taken seriously. We attended a Roman Catholic Church, and my experience in that tradition was something of a zero. What I mean is that thankfully it wasn’t a negative experience, but it really wasn’t a positive experience either.

That all changed in my life when I was 13 years old, when through my oldest brother and his friends, I came to hear the good news about who Jesus is and what He did for the world, and how we can receive it by responding to Jesus with trust and love.

When I was 16, I attended a small church, and the pastor asked me if I wanted to teach a home Bible study. I don’t exactly know why he asked me, but he did, and I said “yes.” I already had a great appreciation for the Bible, and that only increased as I worked hard to learn what the Bible said and how I could explain it to other people. Before and after that I never really had any formal Bible education, but I was a dedicated learner and just loved to understand and explain the Bible.

To fast-forward almost 20 years, in 1996 I made a surprising discovery. I learned that the notes I prepared for my preaching and teaching work were helpful for other people as a Bible commentary. Through some unique circumstances, those Bible teaching notes were put on an early Bible study resource site called Blue Letter Bible. Through that, God gave me the unexpected opportunity to prepare and distribute Bible commentary all over the world, and many people find it helpful. Through my own website (, and Blue Letter Bible, and other platforms, I’m able to help a lot of people with something that is important to me: knowing God and loving others, through a better understanding of what God tells us in the Bible. Today I get to give my time and attention to something I really love to do, and something that is helpful to others.

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My Advice

My advice is that we should trust God and work hard to figure out the gifts and talents we have from God, from our upbringing, from our training and our experience. When we have a general idea of what those gifts and talents are, we should work hard and give it our all, trusting God in everything along the way. In that, I have seen in my own life and in the lives of many others that unexpected and God-blessed opportunities come our way. God will often lead us into the fulfillment of things we wanted all along but didn’t dream we could do them or couldn’t even exactly describe them. Trust God, discover your gifts, work hard, be faithful, and see what God will do.


Pastor Guzik, I know you've been inspired by God to challenge, teach and encourage others. Tami and I both visit your website frequently to learn more about the Bible through your website There we are able to understand more clearly almost any area in the Bible that might be difficult to understand. It's obvious that you are using your gifts and talents to encourage others like us and I'll be sure to work hard at using my gifts and talents too! Thank-you again for sharing your story and continuing to encourage others. Gary Rogers

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Charles l green says:

To god be the glory
That his words can continue to inspire with understanding

Paul Ybarra says:

Such a great pleasure to see your story here! I have had the pleasure in the last few months to dig into your commentary online. I do a live stream every weekday morning and love sharing your nuggets. Thank you for following Gods leading!

Blake Southerland says:

It is really neat to hear about the part you’ve played in God’s story, thank you for sharing! I’m looking forward to using your commentary. Thank you for your advice as well, if we can do those things, we’d be doing pretty good by His grace.

Dearest Pastor Guzik,my only wish is that I had found your ministry decades ago. Raised RC also, I didn’t hear the Gospel. Also love Germany, as I was stationed in Baden Wittenberg 3 yrs in the military 77′-80′. You have an astounding gift from God. Just found your teaching and love it already. All God’s Blessings , Jeff.