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My name is Gary Rogers and for the last 18 years, I’ve gotten to know a young boy whose name is Derrek. He’s been the nicest kid as I would go and visit his mom’s embroidery business in the basement. As the years went on, Derrek has continued to be that same great guy and we’ve gotten to know each other better. Soon, I became known as G-Dog and Derrek I called D-Dog! We’ve played basketball together at the Mercy Health Plex, talked about life and of course, sports. His favorite teams by the way are the Cincinnati teams (Reds, Bengals and Bearcats). I want to let everyone know though why I’m nominating Derrek besides him being an absolute great kid. I learned from his Mom that he is having his 10 year anniversary of working at Chick-fil-A! He’s a hard worker (works every Friday) and a joy to be around. I call Derrek D-Dog but I’ve heard that others call him the “Tray man” and I bet he does a great job serving others while picking up trays. As if that wasn’t enough, D-Dog also has been on a Special Olympics Bowling Team for 27 years since he was 8 years old! Congratulations D-Dog on both of those accomplishments. I know you love your 3 siblings and Mom and Dad and so I wanted to mention that too. It’s been nice getting to know you over the years.  I hope others who live in Cincinnati get a chance to visit the Chick-fil-A every Friday at the Beechmont Avenue location.


All people are unique! God has gifted us with different abilities and talents. D-Dog has used his talents to serve others and be a role model to all people. His consistency shows at work, with his smile and with his kindness and for these reasons I'm nominating Derrek to be a part of the Check Your Game platform in order to encourage others to give their best! More people should be like D-Dog!

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Jean Rogers says:

Wow! What a beautiful life story about a very precious and great young man. God has
blessed him with value and worth. He loves Derrek.
Thank you Gary Rogers for honoring him by sharing his life story and accomplishments. His journey blesses all of us.

Marie L says:

Great Going Derrek~!! We at John’s Crazy Socks are very proud to hear of your long term job at Chick Fil A. Keep up the Great Work.

Sami Vanni says:

It’s so great to hear about someone with such a great attitude for life, and I think Derrek’s story is a real inspiration that anyone else can learn from. Thank you for this!

Every child of God is different in some shape or form. When we find ourselves different, then somewhere on our journey, we find our purpose in life. Derrek chooses to wear a smile, he sees the good of all things. What other sees as a job, Derrek’s outlook in life is different. Kinda like a beautiful Butterfly, or rainbow in the sky. To enter the, “ Promise Land,” we must also have the qualities that comes easy with Derrek. Blessings

Oh I love this story. Thank you for sharing it with me. D Dog I pray that you continue on your adventure and do wonderful things. Blessings Sir.