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Dr. Joseph Capps is a wonderful example of how God, the great recycler, can infuse our pain and trauma with grace and turn it into strength and passion that empowers us to help others. His is a mighty story of redemption. His upbringing was anything buy stable. But now he enjoys a wonderful marriage, family and ministry where he brings healing to others and encourages/equips frontline servants who have some of the hardest jobs on the planet. Dr. Joe is the real deal!

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Gary Rogers says:

Dr. Joseph Capps, I love how encouraging you are with others as I’ve gotten to know you as of lately! I would be honored to share your story of faith and honoring God if it’s good timing and the right fit! Thanks again for being a blessing to all of us in our LI group. I’m so glad that we got connected.

I am completely humbled and thankful. I would consider it an honor. I appreciate you as well!