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Video Highlights (minute markers)

0:00 Gary’s intro and Dr. Mark shares about learning in school.

4:15  Gary shares about encouraging another football player/results gave him chills as he talks.

7:20 Gary discusses Check Your Game and asks Dr. Mark about why his change took place.

8:04 Gary ask specifically what Dr. Mark’s Check Your Game moment was.

9:06 October 2008 Dr. Mark talks about his Check Your Game “moment.”

10:50 Dr. says, “Mark, you have a mass in your lungs.”  Christmas becomes much different.

13:11 Gary shares about humility and how many times this happens before we want to make changes.

15:05 Dr. Mark was about to lose his identity if his lung would be taken away.

16:26 Medical doctor said, “I feel like something is wrong” and decided not to pull the trigger for lung removal.

17:45 The tumor was never in the lung/it’s a small world/there is a higher power.

21:09 What advice do you give others/Dr. Mark shares and talks about gratitude and chemicals released.

24:50 Gary asks Dr. Mark what he has gratitude towards/Dr. Mark shares about Check Your Game.

29:15 Dr. Mark’s coaching guarantee for anyone who is interested in his services.


As I lay in bed wide awake, feeling tired, exhausted, and scared, fear runs through my veins wondering how life would change.  Would I survive, and if I did, what would I be able to do?

Next to me, peacefully slumbering, is my wife Becky. She has been my rock and biggest cheerleader. Just moments before this moment, she nuzzled up and whispered, “We got this no matter what happens.”

The fear and worry in her eyes are evident, but her calming voice tells another story. The calming story that everything will be alright is the one I wanted to believe more than anything.

As I looked around the hospital pre-surgery room, I tried to take a few deep breathes as if I was willing myself to be alright.

Over the course of the previous 6 years I was diagnosed with lung cancer 5 separate times. How could I be diagnosed so many times?

The first time I was diagnosed with lung cancer was the scariest. So many unanswered questions. After my first biopsy, the doctor assured my I didn’t have cancer…although he didn’t know what it was. A mass…yes. Metabolically active…yes. Growing…well, they weren’t sure.

Fast forward several years and I was laying in a hospital bed being prepared for surgery, the surgeon assured me the goal was to just take out part of my lung, but the reality is, they were preparing to take out all three lobes of the right lung.

My life would be forever changed. No more hiking. No more running or cycling. No more yard work.  No more speaking on stage. No more coaching leaders and using my voice as my greatest tool. Playing with the grandkids would also change.  Everything would change. Everything.

While laying in bed with the frightening reality that my life was changing, I pled with everything in me to God. “Please! Please! Please let me be ok. I promise I will be the best Dad and Papa. I promise to never sin. I promise to mow the yard without complaining.”

My prayers were more than a plea for divine help. My prayers were a charge that I was willing to take. A promise to rise up and never take another day for granted.

I look back on that time with both trepidation and excitement. My fear has now been replaced with joy. My concerns have now been replaced with opportunity.

In the end I did not have cancer (although I was diagnosed another time erroneously). To my friends that battle cancer, I understand some of your thoughts. I empathize with some of your pain.

Today I stand here recognizing that I was given another chance. Another opportunity to improve. To live life without regrets. Chasing after my dreams and helping others to achieve the same. I no longer wanted to live with the persistent “what if.”  This life is a gift. It is beautiful, with its many mountains and valleys.

Since that day, I have dedicated my life to helping others achieve greatness and no longer live with regret. As a coach, I help entrepreneurs to live a fearless life in pursuit of their goals and dreams so that they may live life to their fullest potential.

My Advice

Live each day as if it is your last. Your very actions, words, thoughts, and deeds will determine your future. Live as though today was the last day you had to change the world. Where would you spend your time? Who needs you to be on your best game?

Start each day with gratitude. End each day with gratitude.

If there is someone you have offended - Apologize!

If there is a dream still left inside you - Go for it!

If you could do anything, knowing you wouldn’t fail - Do it!

This life is precious. Live each day as a gift from God.

Cherish the moments. Cherish the relationships. Cherish life.


Dr. Mark, as I've gotten to know you, I realize you are the real deal and truly care about others. Your authenticity and transparency is so appealing and I've enjoyed listening to you. It is amazing though, how for many of us, it takes a lot of distress for us to come to our senses to want to finally make changes for the better. I feel fortunate you reached out and asked God for another chance at life so that not only I could get to know you, but so that you could have an impact on others' lives. I'm also thankful for the time you took in order to share your Check Your Game moments with us on this platform. I know you will be an encouragement to others who might be in a similar place as you and how you pled to the God of the Universe and He answered! Thanks again, Gary

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I help entrepreneurs and dreamers accomplish their goals, live without regret, and inspire them to live a fearless life. Using the science of positive psychology and human capital, I help you achieve the greatness within you. My wife and I have owned several businesses, and have been in the top 3% of two different direct sales companies. We know what it takes to build your dreams and rise up to the best version of yourself!

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Entrepreneur or solopreneur who is working hard to achieve their goals and dreams. Somewhere along the way they ran into stress, fatigue, fear…something is impacting their ability to rise up and perform at their highest level.

As a successful entrepreneur and academic, I understand how to apply the science of personal development. Good coaches understand the science. Great coaches understand how to apply it in a way that develops and grows each week. Through a series of focused coaching sessions, we explore the habits of your success.

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