Mack II (Popeyes)
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport- Terminal B

The Story

It was just after I was coming back from the Preakness in Baltimore when we had a stop in Atlanta before heading back to Florida. My wife and I just got off our plane at terminal B and saw a Popeyes and decided to try it out. Immediately as we got in line, we were greeted by a friendly gentleman and asked if we were getting it to go or staying there. We decided to stay and he quickly sat us, introduced himself, welcomed us and said, “don’t worry about anything, I’ll take care of you….just sit down and relax and enjoy!” I thought that was interesting. He really was so sincere and I liked him immediately. As we were served food, he continued to show up, check on us as well as the other two tables next to us giving them the same amazing service. At one point, I looked over to the table next to mine and both he and I were looking at each other with an amazement. We didn’t say a word but the expressions on our face said to each other the same thing. We then caught eyes from the next table with the Father and son and they had the same reaction. I cannot pin point exactly what this man who was working at Popeyes was saying or doing differently than others, but I can say that for those who want to learn what giving GREAT customer service is all about, I’d recommend visiting terminal B in the Atlanta airport and meeting Dwayne. Thanks Dwayne for your service to everyone in the restaurant that afternoon and keep it up. Also, great job with your organization for finding you, keeping you and I’m sure recognizing your efforts. I’ve heard you’ve been there for 10 years so I know with that length of time at a workplace, I’m sure they treat you and others Great! Thanks again Dwayne and hope to see you soon!


The way you treat people has a lasting effect! Treat people right. Treat people fair. Treat people like you'd want to be treated and it will always have a great result even if you don't see anything immediately. Have you experienced a "Dwayne like" experience? We'd love for you to share and encourage that person, company, organization or team!

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Sami Vanni says:

It’s funny how a small experience like that can be unforgettable, and all it takes is just to be nice and friendly to people. Thank you Gary for sharing and nominating this cheerful moment!

Billy Southerland says:

Great story to read G!! Keep going !!

Angela Fallen says:

Thank you for taking the time to recognize Dwayne and to share his story on this wonderful site! Mack II appreciates Dwayne’s hard work and gentle spirit! He truly sets the bar for customer service excellence at Mack II and at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport!