College Volleyball/Coach Lakota West '10 Lees-McRae College University of Cincinnati '15

My Story

I was a three time All-state in volleyball in Ohio, and wanted to play at the highest level and on the most competitive collegiate team I could. I went to Lees-McRae College and was part of a team that had huge success in division 1/2 men’s volleyball but this school wasn’t the right fit. I remember being with my Mom at Longhorn Steakhouse and just broke down. I realized that I just didn’t want to go back. I was miserable. In fact, if it wasn’t for volleyball, I would have never gone. The academics, the campus style and social life weren’t for me and so after two years I chose to transfer home to University of Cincinnati where I’ve had so many opportunities plus the school was the right fit. I have coached High School, Division 3 Collegiately, internationally for a youth high performance team, and am currently the head coach for one of the best 16s junior girls teams in the country.

My Advice

Sports are a passion and a lifestyle, but sometimes you have to look past the sport and ask yourself would I be happy in my situation without the sport where I'm at right now.


Dylan, thanks for sharing what took place in your life before entering College. I as well as others could easily have made a similar mistake. Picking a school primarily for a sport may not always be the best choice. If you think about the long term, as far as how long a sports career lasts compared to how long a job lasts, it's probably important to look at the educational side before athletic side of things. I hate that you had to live and learn the hard way, but am also glad that you are able to share so that others might not have to go through something similar as you did. Thanks for sharing your story and your advice! I appreciate it. Gary Rogers

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