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Eddie Brown and the Giving Words organization is doing God’s Work. Imagine (it isn’t hard) that a single mom trying to support her family, working two or more jobs running the entire household on her own, turns the key to her ignition and the car fails to start. The ripple has started.  No car, can’t get to work, can’t get to work, lose employment and ability to pay bills, can’t pay bills…

Take the car to a traditional, service location and the problems could multiply and for sure an unplanned expense can did a deeper whole.

Enter Eddie Brown. Partnering with Auto Parts companies, Car dealers, service stations and vocational schools. Eddie is providing assistance to single parent families while multiplying the benefits for students to both learn auto repair AND understand the power of giving back. Dealers and service centers are able to become more deeply rooted in their communities by providing such a needed service at below retail costs.


"Eddie, please consider sharing your story. I know something in your life caused you to "Check Your Game" and led you to a much needed much bigger calling to start Giving Words of VA." Bruce Pulver


Hi Eddie, this is Gary Rogers, with Check Your Game. I'm so glad that Bruce Pulver has nominated you to be a part of our community where we love to encourage others through nominations and their stories. We'd love to schedule a time with you so we can share more about who we are, what we do, and how our process of being nominated/sharing your story, can be impactful to you as well as thousands of others. You can respond to the email I sent or call/text anytime @513-310-9476. I look forward to getting to know you better.


Gary Rogers

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