My Story

14 years ago, I experienced the tsunami of setbacks in my life >>

– our 10-year-old son Alec died unexpectedly
– my wife was diagnosed with a form of breast cancer
– our other son was diagnosed with superior mesenteric artery syndrome, which has a mortality rate of 33
– I was hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes
– both of my businesses failed
– we lost our home, cars, and savings
– at our lowest point, we had $9 in our account

>> What did I do to deserve all this???

The setback was very public and I felt humiliated.

Friends began to disappear. Spectators began to criticize. Both friends and family talked behind our backs.

Though I was far from perfect, up until this point God had rewarded and blessed us abundantly.

God gave me a business acumen that accelerated everything I touched.

My wife and I developed a reputation for generosity.

We self-funded community services helping thousands of people.

We were, and still are, full of love for others.

My life theme was to …

be faithful
be humble
be grateful
be generous
be confident

Bad things happen to good people and bad people. Though we weren’t perfect people, we are good people. More importantly, we are God’s people.

After what seemed like an eternity, God delivered, transformed, and restored us. Just like He did with Job.

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My Advice

The setback is a setup for your comeback.

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Sherri says:

Wow! Your courage and grit is apparent! I am so happy you chose to be strong and push through your storm so others can continue to be inspired by your rainbows! ❤

Wow, Gerald. I could feel the positive mindset through reading your story. We don’t always understand God’s plan. But if we’re faithful to what He asks of us, He will open doors for us that we cannot imagine. I’m sorry for your struggles. It would’ve been easy to give up. But I’m so thankful you didn’t.

Val Smith says:

Oh my, what faith Gerald to hang on in there during such tragic circumstances.
Encourages me to keep pressing into God and know more of his heart.
Thank you for sharing Gerald.
Wonderful to hear God transformed and restored you!

jean rogers says:

Your story is a real blessing for everyone. You experienced first hand how God is always faithful. Thank you for your commitment to think of others even when you were hurting with your own personal difficulties.
May God continue to bless you as you encourage others along their life journeys.

Aaron DeSha says:

What a great example of perseverance and faith!

Peggy Bodde says:

Gerald! Your story was just what I needed to hear today. Some think it’s strange, but Job is one of my favorite books in the Bible. Thank you for sharing your story.

What a hard thing to go through. It’s amazing to see how God has turned everything around. I can see how you were firmly planted in knowing your true identity in God. Truly an inspiring story!

What a fantastic testimony to the power of God! Your love for the Lord showed in every single step of the way! I can’t imagine what you must have been feeling during all of this–especially with it being so public. What I do know is that God was present in it all. HE used all the pieces for HIS good! You stayed faithful and HE answered in HIS glorious ways!
Thank you for sharing!!

Gary Rogers says:

Gerrrrrraaaaaald…..I tried to spell it like you would say it over many, many zooms that you took your time in order to help us young entrepreneurs! Thank-you so much for all you did for us and appreciate your time and talents. I’m glad I got to know you and looking forward to staying in touch always. Thanks again for participating with Check Your Game and the process we like to take people through. I appreciate your support. Thanks, Gary

Love Gerald, his testimony and his heart for Christ and to help businesses’ grow.