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“I met Gerald over a year and a half over Linkedin. He was talking about his business and how he helps entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality through his faith based program that he had started. Once we connected, I ended up signing up for his course and because with the Covid that was happening around that time, businesses were changing and so was Gerald’s. He decided that he would continue helping others, but had to do it online.

Myself and two other women were one of the very first online groups that were the lucky recipients to gain all of his knowledge and encouragement with this new direction. I say we were lucky because Gerald put in so many hours with each of us, not just on the weekly zooms, but anytime we needed to discuss anything business related, he would let us know to set up an appointment. For over a year he did this and never missed a beat. When we struggled, he would slow down or tell us to go back and re do a segment from earlier. When our words weren’t positive, he’d share with us verses from the Bible giving us truth to help us change our talk. When we wanted to give up, he would tell us that he’s not giving up on us and to keep fighting.

These size 22 shoes I’m “kind of wearing” remind me of how you encourage myself and others about the potential we have in our business.

All of these things that Gerald has been a part of in our lives were amazing and our group just wanted him to know that we appreciated all he’s done!  I recommend any entrepreneur to  connect with you and see how there might be a synergy, whether or not they are stuck or not!  And one last thing!  Because Gerald uses faith as a part of his business, he encourages others to memorize verses that apply to where they are in their entrepreneurial journey.  I wanted to report that I have memorized the following verses below through Gerald’s encouragement.”  Gary Rogers

James 1:5 on Wisdom

Psalms 119:105 on word of God

Psalms 32:8 on instruction, teaching and counsel

Ecclesiastes 10:10 if your ax is dull

1 Thessalonians 5:11 on encouragement

And always working on more!

“Thanks, Gerald, for accepting the challenge of transforming my God idea into reality. Without you I would never have come this far in such a short time. I’m so blessed to have you as a friend and mentor and look forward to many good things to come.” Dolly Gaskin

“I’m so grateful for Gerald! His time and wisdom has made an incredible difference in my life and work, and I’m looking forward to continuing to see it bear fruit. He has a heart for dreamers and entrepreneurs and his generosity is making a big difference to many.” Kay Clarity

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Nominated by Gary Rogers- read his story


Gerald, I've learned from so many people who have shared their story on our site saying, it never gets old. Besides that, I continue to hear the word "healing" from others as well! In the 1 plus years that I've gotten to know you and have been a student under your business, I've heard you share bits and pieces of some of your story. Would you consider sharing a story you are most passionate about, as well as one when you finally "opened your eyes" and made changes for the better? We call that examination of oneself in the game of life, your Check Your Game Life Story and would be honored to have you be a part of our community. Thanks again, Gary

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