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I nominate Heather Carter. I positive, encourager who writes about and shares her personal story of faith, struggles, fights, perseverance, and surrender to God during her personal battle with Cancer. Heather has turned her struggle into her strength. He pure, unfiltered voice is relatable to anyone not just who has gone through a struggle but uniquely reaches others AS they are going through their own challenging journey.

Click Here– to begin the process of sharing your story with our 2 options: 1) We can set up a zoom interview (easier for those with less time and/or not sure how to write their story), or 2) you can type your story after you think back on your life about when you applied the Check Your Game concept in our name.  These words are defined as an “examination of your game of life.” We normally find that people don’t examine themselves until they experience some kind of loss, trouble, anxiety and/or adversity, so please include your background and the details of what led up to the adversity and when that Check Your Game moment/process took place and how God brought you through.  Your story also could be your testimony.  With both of these options, you need to fill out the form after clicking the link.  If you own a business and/or want to market where you work, you can also fill in that information on this form as well.  We’ll ask you to email or text pictures that will be your profile pic as well as any other pictures that correlate to your story.  All that you submit will not go live until you give us your final approval.


Heather's message will reveal that while going through a mess, a setback, a struggle is the time to face and deal with it as reality and through it can build amazing strength and faith in God that he is with us especially at times when it is the hardest to believe it to be so.


I'm excited Heather to share your story. I'm also excited that Bruce was the very first person who was nominated and he also helped us figure out a better process with nominees like yourself in sending a message to the two of us first before you agreed to share your story! Thanks Bruce and thank-you Heather for your willingness to share your story and the transparency that I've experienced so far with our short time in connecting.....Gary Rogers

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Heather Carter says:

Of course! I would be honored. I am open to any avenue that can share Hope from the recovery of the common plagues of the heart (worry, fear, resentment, control, etc.) . We need each other and God in order for this to happen!