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I’ve known Jaleh for several years. She is a very courageous person. She escaped from her country in the Middle East and arrived in Brazil, the country where they speak a completely new language. She fought her way through, then attended and graduated from college. She continues building her life there along with her only family member, her sister. Jaleh, eventually transitioned to Canada, finally arriving in the USA. After about 20 years of separation, Jaleh finally sponsored her parents to be with her. Jaleh, a successful professional, now lives in the Tampa Bay area.


I admire you for all your accomplishments. You are courageous. Your story will encourage so many people.


Jaleh, this is Gary Rogers, Founder of Check Your Game. I'm excited that Sara Nominated you to be a part of our community. When people share their story like Sara has done, a part of our process is for them to Nominate 2 people they want to thank, acknowledge or encourage (you are one of them). Here are a few things we want you to know about being Nominated and any next steps: We will not share this Nomination on social media, although it will remain on the Nominations page unless you tell us to take it down. Next, if you have interest in sharing your story like Sara did, we would love to get on a phone call or zoom to get to know you better and share about our process. It includes: 1- sharing your story (online form), 2- receiving encouragement from others' comments on your profile as well as we make introductions to those who have commented, 3- recorded video (optional), 4- the opportunity to nominate 2 others (it's best to go through the process of sharing your story first).

Feel free to connect with me @513-310-9476/ with any questions or if you have interest in sharing your story right away, you can feel free to visit our online form. Go to the homepage and click on "share a story." All instructions are there with fill in the blank boxes, but we recommend you taking a look at the form and then typing your 2 answers on a Word Document first. Then come back when you are finished and cut and paste to the form along with the other pieces of information. All instructions are a part of that form.

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