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My Mother’s death at the age of five changed a beautiful world into an ugly one. We went from living with one aunt to the next and remember many times having to wake up to work in a green house nursery. Five days a week we often missed a meal or two before being put to bed.  We looked like Raggedy Ann, until Dad came home from work on weekends. I was so hungry one day that I found myself in a children’s hospital from eating a bucket of green pecans. Though I had two evil Aunts, there was one that was loving!  Not bad odds.  I always missed the love from Mom and Dad, a praying and what once was a happy family until overnight, we became a homeless family.  Dad finally sought our adoption for my siblings and I but this turned into a terrible thing.  My brother and I began praying more than ever because of our unsaved Uncle who adopted us.  He was a child abuser.  For five years we prayed for God to take us out of this home, or take the man, until one Day it happened.  God chose the man by sending Angels from heaven above with wings in a drove like flight.  They attacked the enemy and my Uncle died within a week.  Without his knowledge, the hornets were living in a nest in a big tree that he cut down.

Our Faith was instilled in my siblings and I at the beginning of birth.  Praying was a ritual, and we always knew things would happen in God’s timing.  I owned my first business at the age of twenty three and went through many obstacles in my lifetime, but God kept molding me. Nightmares, gritting of the teeth and many things that come from being in an abusive childhood which included picking the wrong spouse took place.

Fast forward today, God gave me a vision and has anointed three songs. The last song, “Another Life Worthwhile,” buckled my knees when he blessed me with it.  My whole life flashed in front of me, plus a vision of a journey to take it throughout the globe.  Without God, who are we?  He is the beginning and the end. I’m a perfect example of a survivor that God kept molding throughout my whole lifetime. Having a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit, that lives within each of us, will show you the purpose of why you exist on this earth.  I want to thank James Ducker who I’ve known since 1989 and have worked with many times in his Cedar Wood Studio in Laurel MS.  James not only plays a mean guitar, but also sings a three part harmony in the song Another Life Worthwhile.  The drummer is the icon Owen Hale.  He has traveled many of miles and played for artists like Lynyrd Skynyrd.  These two helped me to capture the song I was looking for.  I’m thankful to work with the best of the best!

To order this book- CLICK HEREIn my full video interview, my friend Tonni Lea and I share our vision of song & story to encourage others with the sanctity of life.  Be sure to check it out.

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  1. Katie Rudolph
  2. Doug Knake
  3. Cathy Dudley

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Prayers, faithfulness, sharing, giving more and taking less.

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Meda Taylor says:

What a great story. I love you and proud God is still using you to advance his kingdom. You’re an asset to all.

JodiLaBelle says:

Life is not controlled by humans. When one is in an early age of life, the shock is instantly, at the sudden death of a parent. Thank you Meda for constantly giving more and taking less in life. We are all in search for our heavenly home, may we leave this earth in better shape than we found it. Blessings Jodi

jean+rogers says:

Jodi, you’re a beautiful woman who is full of faith. You have taken the lemons of life to make lemonade. What an inspiration you are to all who hear your testimony. There is joy in your heart. That’s God! He loves you.

Thank you Ms.Jean, God is good, and he has his reasons like no other. He knows our thoughts, our human weakness, and he feels our pain. He has always been the one to swipe away my tears. He is my stronghold, my rock and my salvation. Praise him with all our spiritual being. He is the gateway to the promise Land. Amen

Tony Ponceti says:

Glorious testimony, thank you Jodi. You are inspirational!
Tony Ponceti

Thank you Tony, as we read people stories, we realize this world is not perfect. Through it all, hopefully we all have grown closer to the Lord. May we all find strength of the Fruits of the Spirit. Galatians 5:23-24 God’s Blessings!!

Pray for unity 🙏😇🕯⛪🙏

Jodi LaBelle says:

Thank you John for reading my testimony. My hopes is that it will help others as they travel through their journey. Blessings to you John. Hallelujah!! Jodi

Jodi LaBelle says:

Yes , John unity means everything. May we all grow closer to our maker who made us. Jodi

Katie says:

You are so brave, Jodi! Your story proves how faithful and loyal God is. May He bless you and keep you.❤️🙏

Jodi LaBelle says:

You know Katie, unknown heroes, falls in a category of unclassified. What makes a person super, is the one that don’t give up. Knowing that we are children of Christ, and knowing that his plan is so much better than ours. People search’s all their lives, and many never finds the joy of the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah!!

Ssemujju Ivan kata says:

This is one of the most inspirational stories I have read and I feel so touched as if it’s really me who is in the story and am very grateful for being my friend Ms Jodi LaBelle am so proud of you and for the good music and being daughter of God, And as God said Jesus Christ is the path or way to him and thanks for believing and praising God and for accepting him in your life Ms Jodi and your salvation is saved already thank God that u know him

Jodi LaBelle says:

Thank you for your kind words. May we all pray that Our God bless this journey, in return that I can help God’s children also his elderly generation. I’m grateful that God keeps molding me to be his servant. I cry Hallelujah!! Jodi

Jodi LaBelle says:

It’s been a long road, I do not think anything came easy. The scars are deep, but God has kept me going forward. There are so many miracles, and I’m so grateful !! Blessings

Douglas Knake says:

Good Morning Jodi,
Over the past couple of months I have been conversing with you. Its amazing how God has been in your life and how God has taken your hardships as a child and has molded and shaped you into a Lady who loves Jesus with all heart. in one of our conversation I mentioned that I might not have handled your situation so well. God has his hand in your life! I want you to know you have blessed me in so many ways. Be safe and have a blessed day walking with Jesus.

Doug, your words humble my spirit, and I feel blessed to chat with you. God has brought you through the storms, where hope sometimes looked very dark. The more you tell your story, the more people will be blessed. Never take a second seat to anyone, everyone’s journey is different, but God choose you, to inspire others to keep going forward. Rear view mirrors on cars is to glance backwards, for a second or two. Our lives should be the same way, keep your gear in Drive, and watch what God has already planned for your life. Your Friend Jodi LaBelle