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I’m nominating John and Sally Golding because they have impacted my faith journey more than anyone else. They are both pillars of faith and have helped me grow in mine. If you were to meet them in person, you’d be encouraged, prayed for, loved, and accepted. Before long, Sally would likely bring you homemade cookies or some other tasty treats. They have (5) sons and are now raising their (2) granddaughters, but whatever they have going on in their lives — they’re never too busy to help others. To encourage others. To pray for others. To serve others. They amaze me. My husband and I often talk about how Sally and Johnny have stories that compare to Job’s. Despite the suffering and difficulties they walk through, their faith is unwavering. They give all glory to God, and they are truly the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus here on earth.


John and Sally, I am so grateful for you both, even though I don't know you. You sound like you've made a huge impact on our friend Peggy, who has paid it forward to impact many others, including myself. I love to be able to encourage others through this platform, but especially to give God glory and shine a light as to who He is. I know that sharing our stories aren't always easy as well as timing might be off, so I am patient and understanding. I just wanted you both to know that if you decide to share share about our amazing God in any part of your Life Story, I'd be honored to have you, and if not, no problem! Thanks for who you both are and your impact on my friend Peggy. Gary Rogers

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