College Football Indian Hill High-School, Cincinnati, OH '98 Furman University '01

My Story

I had just finished filming MasterChef out in LA and came home to deal with my new divorce. I was drinking too much, spending more time on social media than doing my work and was going out non-stop. It took a rude awakening for me to realize that I was not only hurting myself but the ones who needed me most, my kids. So I deleted all of my social media accounts, cut back on the drinking, met an amazing woman to devote myself to and re-dedicated myself to my work and kids. Two years later, I am more successful than ever. I’m a better dad, a better businessman and a better person. Good things happen to good people and when your priorities are in line and you’ll be able to do anything you put your mind to. Don’t give up, and as my coach used to tell me, “Work hard and Get Your Mind Right!!!”

My Advice

Don't get caught up in your own headlines. Treat everyone with respect because one day you could be on top with everyone cheering you on and the next day you are at the bottom and need someone to help pull you up. If you treat everyone with respect and are humble, good things will happen.


Thanks Josh for sharing your story. I'm sure many of us can relate. A lot of times it seems that drinking is the culprit for hurt among ourselves including others that surround us. Many times we're just so caught up in that scene that we can't even see the ones we're affecting. Great job to realize that you needed to make that change not just for yourself but for your kids. Over indulgence of alcohol doesn't care about your age and usually leaves the same results; unsatisfied! Great job by the way with MasterChef and keep making our hometown of Cincinnati proud. I'd love to try your food someday! -Gary Rogers

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