College Football
Granville High School- 2002 – 2004
Miami University- '08

My Story

At Granville High School as you could tell with my accolades, I was the big fish and top dog on a very good high school team. I was quickly humbled with no Division 1 scholarships but I was determined and destined to play Division 1 football and earn a scholarship. 2 years later after attending Miami University I was awarded a full scholarship for my contributions to the team as a back-up Quarterback and holder for field goals. I accomplished my goal for I was able to humble myself and fight to contribute in anyway possible to help the team. I think making the change for the better by being unselfish and a team player helped develop me into a better man and father to this day.

My Advice

I would say a few things:
1- Have Fun-Work Hard
2- W.I.N.- What's Important Now- Focus on taking things step by step. Have the long-term goal but don't forget to crawl, walk, run, sprint etc..
3-Control the controllable- Lots of things occur that you can't control- Focus on what you can control!
4- As always grind through and believe in yourself!


Kyle, you sound like you were a great football player in high-school and an all around athlete that loved to compete. I love how you talk about being humbled as well. Humble doesn't always seem like the macho thing for an athlete but it happens so many times in sports. As players, we need to be humble to listen to advice. We need to be humble to accept defeat after a game. We need to be humble when we did our very best in two a days and coach told us we were the back up and not the starter. Kyle, the humility you learned while playing sports has carried over into work. From what I've seen, you are a hard worker and a go getter and at the same time, don't think of yourself as too big to hang out with anyone in your company. Your company is doing great and I really do believe that because you had a mix of "humble" and "hard work" during football has made you that much stronger and a great teammate to those around you! Thanks for sharing your story! -Gary Rogers

My business card

The Job Center Staffing

Light Industrial/Warehouse/Manufacturing

My typical customer

We work in the following states: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts

Contact me

Ally Riley- Business Development (513)-659-3041

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Sports -First Playoff team in Granville history -Division IV All-Ohio State Offensive Player of the Year -Associated Press Division IV All-Ohio first team
Granville Athletic Hall of Fame
Dec 2011 honor issuer Granville School District
2006 Miami University John Scherz Outstanding Walk-On of Year Honor


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