Professional Tennis Indian Hill High-School '88 Swarthmore College '92 TC Dachau '93

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When I was an associate at a law firm for about 8 years, I started to realize I needed a major change in my work situation if I wanted a different life for me and my family. I was commuting a great deal, working all the time, struggling a bit financially, and not spending much time with my young family. I reached out to many people including those with much more life experience to seek their advice and help. After at least a year or more of collaborating with these very same people, it lead me to start my own law firm which changed my life. I have now been practicing for 10 years at my own law firm which has allowed me a great deal more freedom, happiness, and quality time with my family.

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My Advice

Reach out to others with more experience when you need help and seek their advice!


Lee, thanks for sharing this. It takes a lot of humility to let people know that you needed help and advise but you didn't care and reached out. That takes a lot of guts and obviously that decision has led you to what sounds like a successful law firm which gives you the freedom for your family. You know in sports, it seems pretty macho to not ask for help and just suck it up but if those out there who are reading your story would reach out sooner than later, I'm pretty sure good things will happen eventually. And for those who don't know you Lee, I need to share that you were a great athlete! I knew this probably around 5th or 6th grade when I played soccer with you and you were the star of our team. Left wing I believe and I think you were a lefty at least with your foot. Anyway, you were a great athlete at soccer and then obviously in tennis in high-school, college and then onto the professional ranks. So for those kids and young adults, you've got a great athlete who is also a very confident guy who finally reached out and asked for help so don't be embarrassed to do the same in any area of life you might be struggling with! Thanks again Lee for your transparency and way to Check Your Game! -Gary Rogers

My business card

Tucker Law Firm

Tucker Law Firm is a personal injury law firm that mainly focuses on catastrophic injuries that have occurred to individuals as a result of medical malpractice and automobile accidents. We are much different than most law firms because we are smaller and we get much more involved with the client than most law firms.

My typical customer

Individuals, patients and injured parties.

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The Tucker Law Firm
517 W. Ormsby Avenue
Louisville, KY 40203
Cell/Office: 206-790-5842
Fax: 206-494-0034

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Jean Rogers says:

Wow Lee… What a great testimony of perseverance. It’s an inspiration to me and will be for others to do what is important to make a change in direction.
In your humility, you were wise to seek council from an experienced colleague.

Lee, I have so many good memories of
the Indian Hill soccer games. It was exciting for Mr Rogers and me (along with the other parents) to watch all the games… Even in rain and snow.

Gary was a good athlete in all sports… His dad and I realized that early on which led him to get a full ride scholarship in high school to Vanderbilt University… What a wonderful gift.

Lee God gave you natural abilities in sports as well. So it was fun watching you on the field to help your team to be a winning team.

Your humility and wisdom is giving you success in your career and with your family. May God continue to bless you!