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On the fourth of March 2016 my life changed forever. On that day I was healed, saved and born again.

For four years prior to that day I had been suffering with a degenerative spinal disorder, crippling pain, depression and anxiety. I had to give up a job I loved and I lost my identity. My family saw me go through all this and were helpless.

I was on twenty different medications every day and I had had enough, so I cried out to Jesus to help me or take me as I didn’t care which. He chose to help. He chose to change my life around, He chose to give me a purpose in life that wasn’t my worth in a job or anything else earthly. He chose me to work for Him, to live with Him, to follow Him forever. I did, I do, I am His. Jesus gave me poetry, He wanted me to write. I had always written since being young but not like this, this was new, powerful, from God not man. This God given gift came about when my mum was dying as I used writing as a means of getting my thoughts out, led by Jesus, all the words are from Jesus.

He led, I followed. I still am. I still write what He gives me to write. At the moment I’m going around schools, reading the children’s book that He gave me and encouraging kids to write themselves, to be creative as I was but not to leave that path as I did as I know now that was my true path, my walk was with Jesus through poetry. I’m so glad that He gave me another chance to be as I was always meant to be. Now I am whole. Now I am free. Now I belong.

00:32-3:33 Melanie talks about her life that all changed in 2016 when she accepted Jesus

3:40 Gary shares what we do at Check Your Game with sharing our stories of faith

4:20 Melanie talks about who she was before she made her changes

5:00 Brought up in an atheist home, violent and aggressive home

6:35- 8:35 Melanie talks about flooding and how that encouraged her to start reading the Bible.

8:36 March 4, 2016 is when she invited God into her life.

9:07-10:37 What would your friends and family say about you after you accepted God? Calmer, more pleasant and completely different!

10:38- 12:53 Gary talks about a blind man who was healed by Jesus on the Sabbath- we can be healed in an instant!

13:43 Melanie shares about her 3 books and how to get a hold of her

16:07 Melanie’s last words

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My Advice

My advice would be to listen to what God wants in your life, not what you want to do. We don’t always know what’s best for us.

My business card

Melanie Woolner

Books, writing, poetry.

I write poetry, God given poetry that changes peoples lives. I go to people, read and encourage them to live out their calling.

My typical customer

School children/parents of who want a wholesome book without an agenda.

Contact me

My Twitter account is @KeithsTeeth1
My Facebook page is Melanie Woolner
My Instagram is Keiths_teeth

Visit my website:

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Val+Smith says:

Well done. Melanie , onwards and upwards. 👏👏🙏

Missy Craft says:

What a beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing.

Terry says:

Well done Melanie..