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At Check Your Game, we share stories of people who have examined their “game of life,” got on better path and want to brag about God. Now, meet Melvin Savio who we recently did a zoom interview with.

He was born in India, raised as a cradle Catholic, and in 2018 moved to Houston after finishing his master’s in mechanical engineering to pursue an industrial engineering degree in the states.  Wow, that sounds like a lot of school doesn’t it!

It was 10 years ago, while still living in India that Melvin shares his story about being in the hospital around Christmas time because of very high temperatures.  After his temperatures subsided after 2 days in the hospital, the Doctor gave him the green light to go home.  Just before Melvin and his family were about to leave, Melvin took a quick bathroom break and says, “the most insane thing happened ever…I started to bleed.”

He screamed to the doctors and his family for help.  He felt like he was dying after losing what seemed to be a half gallon of blood.  The doctor was confused even with his 45 years of experience.  Melvin’s grandparents were really scared and especially his parents, who didn’t want to lose their only son.  The only thing they could think of was to pray and ask others for prayers as well.

6 days later, on December 30th, Melvin woke up completely healed.  Stools, tests, platelets were all normal.  The Doctor said he has never seen a case like this; someone bleeding so much and then recovering so fast.

Melvin now describes his life’s path as, “Jesus’ way- not my way!”

Watch the video below to get more details of Melvin’s story.  Please excuse the high pitched sounds that show up during parts of our video!

0:00 Our video was a surprise/Gary asks Melvin if he trusts him

1:33 Melvin shares about his background/from India/engineer/lives in Houston/cradle Catholic

2:44 Gary shares about what we do at Check Your Game/a time when a person has “examined ourselves”/asking others to brag about God

4:22 Melvin shares about 10 years ago while in India around Christmas time (Dec. 24th) when he was in the hospital

5:29 Bleeding happens at a tremendous rate while Melvin is still at the hospital

6:50 His parents and grandparents are praying and fasting/lost all hope/the Doctor couldn’t explain it

7:40 Melvin was completely healed.  On the 30th, the Dr. says he’s never seen a case like this/was unexplainable/tests were all normal

8:30 There is a God up above because the Dr. says that Melvin would’ve died if he had bled more

9:00 God was after me like he says in the Bible about going after his lost sheep

9:33 Jesus’ way, not my way!

9:41 Gary shares about when people don’t know what to do that they then decide to reach out to God

10:12 Checking the boxes until the 31st.

10:39 Melvin shares about being a “Sunday Church” goer until this incident/now they try spending more time with Jesus/relationship

12 Sounds like Melvin began a relationship/John 3:16/Instruction on how to get Eternal Life

12:50 Results of when we become a Christian/fruit

13:27 Melvin shares advice based off of his story he shares/God is always close to us/turn to Jesus instead of the world

16:34 Melvin’s last words/open to God and allowing the conversation


Melvin has Nominated (N) or Introduced (I) the following to share their stories at Check Your Game: COMING SOON




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Peggy Bodde says:

I love how spontaneous you guys were to do this on the spot! What a marvelous story of God showing up in an amazing way. Melvin – thank you for sharing your story. You’re a champ for doing this short notice with Gary. You are a natural story teller. Keep telling your story! What a blessing. I’ll be watching for your content on LI. I pray God would anoint you with understanding as you continue to pursue Him.