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One of my testimonies of faith relates to business and a growing relationship. In 2007 I came to faith in Christ after years of pushing against giving up control to God. After I was saved I met a wonderful women who was a believer in Christ. We got to know each other and it was evident that this was the perfect woman for me. At that time I received a job offer out of state as a “Director.” My pride led me to pursue the role, even arguing in my own mind that I could maintain the relationship out of state. Many strong believers counseled me against taking the role and risking the relationship, but I blew them off. I was offered the role verbally and, that same night, talked to my girlfriend about our future. The very next day the role was removed and the opportunity went away. Looking back, this was the best thing that could have happened as Christ wanted me to be with this wonderful woman. Fast forward to today and we have been married for 13 years.

This is a testimony that I pass on often. Pursue the things of God first and not pride. God will bless this.

Video Highlights (minute markers)

00:00 Intro

01:20 Questioning his lifestyle

3:00  After going to an Easter Sunday Church service, he felt convicted of his lifestyle– saved in 2007

3:45 Met his then girlfriend (wife currently).  A different relationship than others.

4:00  Job offer at Director position (Mike thought this opportunity/Title would give more Purpose & Success)

5:09 Men at a Church event encouraged him to not go after the job

5:50  Mike, and his then girlfriend, prayed about the job offer.  Both the new opportunity and Mike’s current job were both removed the next day!

6:30 As Mike looked back, he is able to see how God wanted a different direction for his life.

7:06 Last 15 years, Mike feels so blessed because of that decision/thankful for the Godly men who counseled him to not take the job

8:07 Trust with what God wants, and not what you want.  Romans 8:28

9:11 Gary shares about how God wanted to show Mike something better than what he thought.

10:12-11:44 Gary asks if there was something that took place where Mike wanted to change

-Mike tried to satisfy with relationships but they never fulfilled

-He didn’t approach life right, self absorbed “me first” path

12:17 Gary shares about when he asks others to share their Check Your Game moment, there’s normally some kind of loss!

12:55 Mike talks about trying to build him up through relationships and work

13:30 Advice- prioritizing important things in life (God, wife, family and then work)

14:11 Mike uses the Check Your Game concept is to where you are with all these things, especially men with their work.

15:11 Reaching Souls International/ways to contact Mike


Mike has Nominated (N) or Introduced (I) the following, plus Shared (S) their story:

1. Frank Gomez (N)


My Advice

Pursue the things of God with your Faith, family, relationships and then business, and in that order.

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jean+rogers says:

Thank you for sharing your testimony and life story in the Check Your Game site.
Appreciate your transparency and honesty with all of the readers.
So glad to hear that you have come to faith in Christ. God is good.
He’s our waymaker. Blessings!