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Otescia Johnson is an amazing Success Coach, author, speaker, publisher, and minister. She is lead by the Holy Spirit to share practical business strategizes with her clients that will help them show up as Ministers in the Marketplace. She believes that the Word of God has shared specific instructions regarding business, faith, and abundance that are accessible to all believers. She will push you to step out of your comfort zone and walk in the calling God has for you.

As a publisher, she operates with integrity and positions her clients for success. If you have a story in your heart, Bet On Yourself Enterprises, Inc. will help you present it to the world in excellence.

Not only is she a successful businesswoman, but she is also a wonderful friend. She has a heart of gold and is a blessing to everyone she meets. Strangers are drawn to her because of the presence of love, grace, and mercy that surround her. She shifts atmospheres with her presence!

Life has not been easy for Otescia. She comes from humble beginnings and overcame poverty, divorce, and loss to obtain God’s best for her. She is a wonderful example of what hard work and faith can do. She is open and transparent about sharing her journey so others can learn from what she’s been through.

Otescia has personally encouraged me and helped me do new, never imagined things in my business and life. I would like to recognize her for everything she means to me and everyone who is a part of her Broke to Profitable Group Coaching Program. We love you, Coach O!

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"Hello, Coach O, sharing my story with Check Your Game has been a blessing. Gary is a wonderful man of God with a heart for sharing stories of hope and encouragement with others. This website is filled with amazing stories from people sharing the moments in their life when they had to check their game and shift their perspective on life, business, and their purpose. I know your story would make a great impact and bless many. It's also a platform to share information about your business and connect with potential clients. I would love to see you share some of your amazing nuggets here. Blessings!" Sherry


Otescia, a part of our process to build our community exponentially as well as encourage others is to ask those who've been nominated, to consider sharing their story. If there is no interest, there is nothing more you need to do.

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