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1993 South Panola Football Team State Championship 1994-1997 Vanderbilt University Football 2009 US Army Basic Training


Vanderbilt University

My Story

My story is about growing up broke in Mississippi while having the support of positive people around me. That support encouraged me to live my dream of playing college and professional football. It was MY only way out of poverty at that time and those goals were achieved. There was success on the field and I was no different than most athletes who play football. The game is over sooner than we want. With sports over, I hit rock bottom.

This was a tough time in life and I was blessed to have a special friend Edward Waters. He encouraged me to take the same PASSION and INTENSITY that I played with in football and transmute that into business. I did what he asked, kept the promise, and my life completely changed. Since then, I continue to live my life full speed in the business world in the area of insurance and financial services. I am now a State Farm agent in the great state of Hawaii.

My passionate goal is to make sure every household in the world has life insurance. My dad is dying with cancer and didn’t think it was important. No one ever sold the need of having life insurance to him as a 21 year old father. I will. Education to individuals and organizations is my daily goal. I will achieve the goal the way I did in football and do my best to help people.

My Advice

1. Always have a positive mental attitude.
2. Know what you want out of life.
3. Believe you will have what you want out of life.
4. Create a plan for your deliberate success.
5. Consult mentors with your like positive mental attitude.
6. Share your plan with people like you.
7. Execute your plan with all of the energy you have.


Paul, it was nice talking to you and getting to know you a bit. I can tell you have this energy and focus to do anything you have your mind set on. Starting with your dreams of playing football, to your desire to help others in with their insurance and financial needs. It seems that some of those things that have happened to us in our past affect how we go about our lives in the future. You are passionate about taking care of others because you came to a place of real need when hitting rock bottom. I know you don't want others to experience this and one way you're helping is by being proactive with the messages I consistently see online about insurance and thinking of your future. Thanks again Paul for sharing your story and thanks to your friend Edward Waters who encouraged you to keep going! I think that's really what I'm trying to do with this website and stories like yours and that is to encourage others who are going through similar paths. I appreciate your story and look forward to your continued friendship. Gary Rogers

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Paul Morgan Insurance Agency- State Farm Agent

Insurance and Financial Services

I am passionate about insurance and financial services because it truly allows me to help people prevent financial disasters.

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