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When I was a baby, I was adopted into an abusive home in the Chicago area. It was a middle-class home, my adoptive mom was a stay-at-home mom, and there was no drug or alcohol abuse involved. Everything appeared neat and tidy on the outside. This made it more dangerous for me because there was no reason for anyone to suspect abuse.

We regularly attended church. My adoptive parents drilled into me that when I became good enough, God would accept me, but until then, I deserved everything that happened to me because I was bad. This was a very confusing time for me. I would learn about Jesus in Sunday School and what was happening in the home didn’t match what I was learning. I also received the message that I didn’t deserve to be loved, so that’s how I saw God for a big part of my life.

The time with my adoptive parents ended when I was 12. We moved to a small town in Georgia, and I was kicked out of the house a year later, which was a relief to me. I knew that wherever I ended up would be safer than the environment I was leaving. Social services was never involved. I bounced around from family to family until I ended up with Jim and Kathy Brown, and I lived with them until I left for college. They already had 5 kids, but they believed me and loved me unconditionally, and they were really the first glimpse I had of God’s love in action. This was one of many “Check Your Game” moments for me! My faith journey was long and messy, but that’s what is so amazing about God’s grace.


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1. Don't let yourself be limited or defined by your past. God can take all of it and use it for good.
2. God is big enough to deal with your questions. When difficult things happen to us, like childhood trauma, it's hard to accept that "God is the protector." We can talk to Him openly and honestly about how we feel.
3. Forgiveness doesn't have to mean reconciliation. That's not in the Bible! God calls us to forgive, but He never demands that we reconcile.

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Through Sacred Work, I offer *free* leadership and career coaching for women. I help women with challenges like negotiating raises or promotions, changing careers, and leading in hybrid workplaces. I was a corporate leader for almost 30 years, and Sacred Work is my way of giving back.

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My passion is helping professional Christian women grow as leaders and in their careers; however, I will happily help anyone! I like to be transparent that I'm a Christian because that's the foundation of who I am.

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Amazing Story! You have overcome much, and are helping many! So happy to be connected with you. May God keep you and bless you!

You’re such a gift, Peggy. Your story and heart are a testament to the ways that God can work all things together for our good. Your courage and light burns brightly!

Scott White says:

That moment you talked about of finding out that you could be honest with God about your emotions, frustrations, and hurts.

That is such a powerful insight, and I think really opens the door to God’s love for us. Thank you for being so real and for your generosity in sharing your story!

Peggy—Wowsers. Thank you for sharing your story. You make me brave. You give me courage to keep moving forward in my journey thru the valley of the shadow of death, to know I’m not alone and there is help and hope.
xoxo, leigh

My journey has been very different from yours, Peggy. But I love what you’ve learned and shared here. THANK You for your desire to help others! And I totally agree with your three points in “My Advice” … especially #1, as I’ve witnessed this many times ~ including in my own life. God is indeed awesome!!! Blessings to you!