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After working 41 years in the corporate world as operations manager, I lost my employment and income due to the pandemic. I was 3 to 5 years away from retirement and not financially prepared. My husband and I are both in our 60’s, the time in life when health and longevity can be challenged.  My wakeup call, beyond losing income, was losing healthcare and life insurance when I needed it most, not to mention not having my retirement income in place. Personally, I was overconfident and had put my life and future in the hands of my employer. Before I lost my employment, I would shut down conversations regarding life insurance and retirement planning. “When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.”

I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and decided to use my experience to help others take control of their lives financially. I chose entrepreneurship over employment as a licensed financial coach. Over 40 million people lost their jobs during the pandemic including benefits just like me. This was my calling, my mission, and commission to offer financial education to families, singles, single parents and couples. My heart was drawn to offering this gift of financial empowerment by sharing my story. It’s not glamorous, and not a limelight undertaking, but the internal rewards are great when you realized you just saved someone from the fire. A fire I know all too well.

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My Advice

Do not give your power away. The power to take control of your life, spouse and children that should not be left to chance or an employer. Knowledge is power and the more you know the better decisions you will make. You cannot put anything into a closed fist or closed mind. Open your mind up, listen and learn. Do not do what I did. I told every insurance person who tried to talk to me that "I was good and that I was covered at work." That was a false sense of security. If you have additional insurance, understand what you have and how it pays out. I appeal to you to get a financial review and prepare now for events that can impact you now, and years to come.

My business card

Sabrina Protic Enterprises, LLC DBA World Class Partners Associates

Financial Coaching

Offering virtual and in person financial education to help our communities make smart financial choices and business opportunities to those who enjoy working with people. Working with businesses by offering 1099's and W-2 back office benefits (Life Insurance and Self Funded Pensions) at no cost to the employer. Offering Keyman Insurance to businesses.

My typical customer

The ideal customer has something or someone that depends on them. Home owner, single, couples, single parents and has a income. The business opportunity is open to all adults with or without income.

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phone: 1-833-322-0888

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I would like to first affirm Gary Rogers on creating this empowering platform to introduce and connect people and their passion. I was introduced to Sabrina Protic from my cousin Patrick Wonsey to be a guest on Thriving Women Talk. From our initial conversation I recognized that Sabrina was on a mission of empowerment. Sabrina shared with me the mission of the organization that she founded W.E.E. which I recognized had the same mission of the Trendsetter Mentor Group the organization that I founded. We immediately started connecting the dots and working together to create more opportunities for our members to connect. Sabrina is the type of person that listens, connects and creates more value in relationships. She is someone everyone should know.

Gary Rogers says:

I too have seen how Sabrina builds relationships and is always working at connecting and helping others with their businesses too! I love that about her! Thanks for the shoutout as well Darryl! I do enjoy connecting stories from people in order to encourage others that might be on a similar path and who feel all alone! There’s nothing better knowing that others have been in the same boat as us and who have made it through (adversity) to the other side!

Thank you Darryl Johnson for the affirmation and validation. Our connection was part of my pivoting and growth as you became a financial Business mentor to me Which played a significant role in my transition into full-time entrepreneurship. Thank you for everything that you have done and are still doing as a coach and friend.

Gary Rogers says:

Sabrina, way to go! Even after losing your job after 41 years, you made the decision to use what you experienced in order to help others so that they don’t go down the same path as you. That’s pretty cool that you are now trying to serve others in an area that you neglected for so long.

I do have another question though! Besides your advice on a family understanding their situation in a financial/insurance sense, what would you tell someone who has had a loss in other areas such as family, relationships or even health? We all know that loss is a part of life, but it’s never easy to pick oneself up by our bootstraps all the time! Can you share anything else that might be helpful for others who are dealing with loss and ways to pick oneself up and move forward?

Lastly, I wanted to tell you Sabrina thanks for always mentioning what others do in their businesses in order to help them! After being on multiple podcasts with you as well as networking, I’ve experienced first hand how you have done this for others and I know people appreciate it! Thank-you!

Joel says:

That’s a harsh reality, I’m glad you were able to recover. I’m sorry you had to experience that type of anxiety especially that close to retiring. It’s cruel too since that seems to be the corporate model anyways to not have to pay the retirement to those close to retiring.

These are lessons I now pass on to my children, family and friends to not ever allow yourself to be in such a position. A false sense of security.

Aaron DeSha says:

Being able to take your greatest loss and turn it into potentially your greatest success takes courage. I commend you, Sabrina. You have discovered something many of us never take the time to seek or cultivate. Purpose.

Aaron thank for taking the time to read my story. My Life is so much more rewarding now. People over processes.

Keitha says:

Wow – this could easily be any of us. This last year has been a wake up call for sure!
What an amazing resource!

Patrick m Spargur says:

Gary, thank you for sharing. Sabrina’s story is a common one I am afraid to say. When we are in our sweet spot of our careers or life, we often doesn’t listen to or remember the advice we have received along the way. Too many people live way beyond their means and don’t remember to to save and plan for the future. The good news for Sabrina is that she had a good skill set to attack her problem and help others from making the same mistakes she made. I am confident she can gain her financial freedom again.

Ricardo Stallings says:

I have had the privilege of working with Sabrina, very caring person that loves & has a passion for helping others. It’s in her nature to do so. Sabrina is very inquisitive, she wants to learn all she can to be as valuable to others as possible. She has done this through building relationships with many organizations that focuses on giving freely to others. It’s has been an honor to not only know her but to work side by side with her to help her serve her community.

Thank you for the kind words. I would like the world to know that you have been very instrumental in helping me transition from employee to entrepreneurship. There were times when I questioned myself and your mentorship helped me find the confidence I needed to keep working through this monumental change in my life.

Bret Meyer says:

Congratulations Sabrina! The way I read this, your life is a success! You have gone from the corporate world into the mission field. Your challenges and rewards are endless. What an opportunity to be a blessing to others. All the best to you and my prayers are with you.

Wow! Thank you for opening my eyes to the term mission. I never thought of it that way but yes I agree. I actually enjoy educating people and watching their expressions as they learn things they never knew.

what a powerful story Sabrina! I really appreciate your honesty during this difficult event in your life. I know this will help SO many people in thinking and planning for their future!
The thing I love the most, is that the very event that could have “destroyed” you, you turned it into an amazing Purpose! God has BIG plans for you! Your corporate experience is going to be your greatest asset to helping your future clients!

Thank you for reading my story and your words are proving true. I am almost a year being detached from employment and I’m seeing that I was being prepared for this new phase of my life. It’s like the mama bird pushing her baby bird out of the nest because she knew they could fly. They just had to believe that they could. I am flying. But this time I serving the needs of families, one-on-one with something they can have the greatest impact to their lives.

Sabrina your story is so inspiring! There are so many people who have been unfortunately put in your very same position. You are living proof that it is not necessarily about what happens to you but how you respond! I must say that I am super proud of you that you did not give your power away, but you stood in your power and arose to the occasion. You are the epitome of what it means to aspire higher and Soar Beyond the Limits in business and life! 🦅🦅🦅

Dr Tylisha
Thank you for always being present in my life and for the business coaching. You are a part of my network that would never allow me to even think of failure, giving up and throwing the towel.

Wendy Haviland says:

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Sabrina! I can tell you have a strong passion for what you are presently doing. You are a true inspiration to those out there that need to make a change in their lives but are afraid to move out of their comfort zone and go for it!!

Thank you for reading my story and for the words of validation. It does take courage to move out of a comfortable position into something totally new and unknown. We would have never met had I still been employed.

Sara Im says:

During this one year that I know you, I grow to appreciate you more and more. You are enthusiastic, kind and caring. The story you share here helps encourage others . Your advice is right on; it help us to be always openminded to learn new information.
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your kind words. I’m so happy we finally met and I look forward to all of your successes. Hope to see your Book on the silver screen.