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Sarah focuses on helping the “fatherless.”  She was a child of divorce not just once at 4 years old, but also at 22.  Instead of thinking that she had figured it out the first time and that it would be easier the next, that wasn’t the case.  In fact, she compares divorce to a nuclear bomb going off in a family.  Not only does a nuclear bomb affect the immediate, but it also affects decades later.

Sarah grew up in a small town with parents that were like the Barbie and Ken of their high-school class so when they were getting a divorce, it seemed like a huge scandal.  It was hard on the family, but her in laws (also experienced divorce) were empathetic and allowed her family to live in the house for a short time before her mom got their family a new place to stay.

As a 10-year-old (oldest child), Sarah couldn’t be a kid and was forced with adult responsibilities and work.  Along with this burden, she had to experience even more changes when her mom got remarried after being single for 9 years.  Then, she left a private Christian school to attend a much bigger public school.  Though some kids can handle this, she couldn’t.  This was hard on her, but at least she had her Church and a best friend, until her friend moved away.  Sarah was devastated!  Can you put yourself in her shoes and think how you would feel as a young kid with a broken home and changes all around?

All these experiences seemed to be a weight that added to a burden that she carried around which developed into suicidal thoughts.  There is good news to her story so let’s go back 2 months earlier when she was listening to Dr. Charles Stanley (Christian pastor).  For that past 3 years she had listened to him and on this particular day, she felt the Holy Spirit calling her.  She decided to go downstairs, kneeled down and asked Jesus to come into her heart.  At that moment she felt God’s presence!  She had become a true Jesus follower.

Even though she had been experiencing depression and thoughts to take her own life, she was able to recognize God’s voice in that moment.  God told her that He didn’t want her to think these thoughts anymore.

Sarah’s shares much more in her video, including instruction on how to deal with all types of battles.  We want to encourage others to know that God brought Sarah through her “Nuclear Bomb,” and can bring you through yours too!

Minute Markers for your convenience- click on the gearbox after you hit Play (to the left of  the words “YouTube) and then click subtitles if you’d like to read along

1:07 Sarah’s background- 3 teens, dog Mom, 5th generation of Missouri & shared with over 50 podcasts

3:00 Gary shares a bit about why we share stories at Check Your Game

3:56 Sarah talks about how God uses our stories to draw us in

4:24 Check Your Game pivots in their business where we now brag about God in stories and our process of nominating others

5:17-5:47 Darci Steiner who has shared her story with us, has nominated Sarah

6:08-8:32 Sarah- child of divorce/heart of ministry.  She wants to help the fatherless.  She compares divorce to a Nuclear Bomb!

8:33 Sarah’s story of growing up in the Church

12:03 In high-school Sarah’s Mom got remarried, hated the change of going to a public school and best friend moved away

13:20 The Lord spoke to Sarah and let her know that He had more to do in her life as a 16 year old

14:48 Listening to Charles Stanley for 3 years at 15 1/2 years old/she became Born Again/prepared her for minute marker 12:03 above and didn’t want her to have suicidal thoughts anymore

18:00 Dark depression as a teenager/Psalms 40:2 “He lifted me from the pit.”

18:30 You can’t be so low where God can’t lift you from the pit

19:36 Gary shares with Sarah that he’s so excited that she is sharing her story to encourage others

21:00 Being perfect

22:10 Coping mechanisms/c0-dependency/family/toxic relationships

23:50 God was dismantling the lies in Sarah’s life and giving her TRUTH

24:32 God also uses community to help heal us/God uses the Bible, community and other professionals in our lives

26:50 Verses in BOLD writing/since 2003 she’s been reading a one year Bible plan

28:45 ADVICE on divorce, depression and suicidal thoughts (Sit at Jesus’ feet, slow down, give Him 2 minutes a day for 30 days)

32:30 Pick a verse for a year (Sarah chose Proverbs 31:25)

34:00 Gary talks about “shiny objects”

35:18 A pill that gives PEACE/God’s word is free and changes a person from the inside out

37:15 Instead of repeating the slogan “Just Do It” focus on the power of the words of the Bible for example with Ask, Seek and Knock

38:20 Spiritual battles/meditate on God’s Word/Ephesians 6: the armor of God/be proactive as a Christian

39:45 Verse that was on Sarah’s heart this Christmas Season (2021)/Psalms 141:3 “Set a guard at my lips Lord.”

41:00 Gary talks about why people finally decide to make a change/adversity and little peace

42:20 Peace Ale commercial that was done with Gary’s Church at Crossroads years back

43-45:55 Gary shares about finally figuring out the goal at the end/God was the start of the many changes

46:04 If you love me, obey my commands/obedience to the Lord is the key to a rich and satisfying relationship with Him

48:00 How to find Sarah’s business contact

49:20 Sarah’s last words/Give God 2 minutes a day and see what happens

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My Advice

For 2022 make it your goal to give God 2 minutes a day sitting at his feet thinking about His word and you will be a completely different person in 2023 if you do that. You can watch and listen to her say this in minute marker 49:20 from above.

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Peggy+Bodde says:

Love your advice and have followed you on social media for a long time! Appreciate your talent as a writer, your heart for people, and your transparency. Thank you for sharing your story. Too often we shy away from the hard stuff.

Thank you Peggy! Christmas blessings to you.

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Sarah. I’m sorry for the pain of abandonment you felt as a teen after your parent’s divorce, and after your friend moved away. I’m thankful for your story and am reminded that healing comes from many different sources including counseling, being in community, and especially spending time in His Word. I have to come up with my verse for 2022 – great idea! My word for the year is Hope, so it will have something to do with hope.

You give so much, in so many different ways, and you are making a big impact. Thank you! May God bless your life and your ministry in 2022!

Blessings to you, Darci! Praying that the Lord will guide your choice for a 2022 meditation verse.

Gary Rogers says:

Sarah, I’m thankful that you’ve shared your story with us on Check Your Game. It’s humbling to have you and others be so transparent in order to encourage others; especially with our God’s stories. Looking forward to staying in touch and helping you if I’m able. Thanks again.

Thanks for graciously hosting me, Gary! God’s blessings to you.