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Sean has survived cancer several times and works hard to promote supporting others. In spite of having only 1 lung he has became an accomplished climber, including Everest. He is the author of Summits to Success. Sean’s encouragement and story helped guide me in my publishing journey. We all have many excuses for not reaching our goals. However, Sean’s attitude and perseverance are proof that we can reach our goals even through the most difficult of situations.


Sharing my story on Check Your Games was such a great experience. Gary is a remarkable human and his goal is to simply help people and provide opportunities for people to share their message. I strongly encourage you to share.


Sean, this is Gary Rogers, Founder of Check Your Game. We are excited that you've been Nominated by Craig Olson who recently shared his story on our site. Here are a few things we want to share with you that we do and don't do. First of all, we will not share this Nomination over social media, although it will remain on the Nominations page unless you tell us to take it down. Secondly, we would love to get to know you better through a phone call or zoom. Lastly, we would love to share with you about what we do at Check Your Game and the experience we give to others and the process as to how we do it if you decide to take the next step and share your story. Feel free to connect with me by phone, text or email. 513-310-9476 or


Gary Rogers

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