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Over the last 2 years, I got to know my new friend Shaun, who I met through Linkedin. We then did the next best thing to get to know each other through Zoom calls. I learned a lot about Shaun, who he is and what interests he had. I’m actually going to compare Shaun to an Apple Tree. I got to know this Apple Tree and the many details, desires, experiences, values and expertise that Shaun had. It was great! We talked about a mutual friend, “The Mac Man- Brian Burke” and both their interests in Apple products as well as Shaun’s ability to understand technology, building websites, SEO and his desire to help others. He always says he wants to help others.

Shaun was living in Buffalo at the time and I in Florida and though we never met, we consistently kept up with each other over social media and I think one other Zoom which leads me to my first real experience. Shaun learned that my Notebook computer wasn’t cutting it. The memory wasn’t enough, speeds were slow and I always was having issues. He told me about Apple products which I knew about at least for my I-phone but not necessarily with a computer. In fact, I never even though about Apple products for a computer because I always thought it was so expensive and also was a bit timid of trying to learn with their system.

Shaun convinced me to give the Apple product a chance and told me he would help me get a system for cheap! What is cheap; $1500, $1000 or $750? I didn’t know what his definition of cheap was but I listened to him give me directions saying, “go to this website and we’ll find a monitor. Then we’ll go to this site and start looking up used mini macs.” I was sort of nervous because I didn’t know Shaun that well and though he looked as if he was an “Apple Tree,” I had never seen any real apples yet. Okay, so I’m slightly nervous because I don’t want to waste any money or get scammed, but I could sense that Shaun was leading me to the right places. I ended up meeting a kid 15 minutes away and bought his curved screen monitor (keypad and chair included) for under $100. I then met another guy close by who sold me this little silver square box called a Mac mini. Shaun told me exactly which one to buy based off of price and memory. I trusted him and did it. I returned home and decided that I wanted to set it up myself, even though Shaun told me he’d help over the weekend. After setting up my new system in my office, I realized how much I had been missing out by not using more Apple products. This system has been great to me and my business and also works really well with my phone too!

Shaun, you helped me set up my computer system that has been so valuable and cheap (all under $500). I would hear you say how you like helping people but I never saw it until the person was me who you were helping and you didn’t ever ask for money. You just wanted to help. Since I purchased the Mac mini with Shaun’s help, he has also helped me save money through my website hosting, saving me money with my domains and even helped me set up my Paypal account for my website. He has never asked for money, but I have contributed on my own.

Shaun said he was an Apple tree and I can tell you there are many, many apples on his tree. Thanks Shaun for your friendship, all your help with my computer, my website, helping me save on service providers you’re familiar with and much more. For others who are interested in knowing more about Shaun, his skills in life and skills in serving, make sure you click on the link below and connect with him.

Connect with Shaun over Linkedin

Nominated by Gary Rogers- read his story


Shaun, I wanted to encourage you to share your story because it's not everyday that you meet someone who wants to help and doesn't even ask for money. Why is it that you are like this? There has to be a story and I know it'll be encouraging for others to learn from it.


Shaun, a part of our process to build our community exponentially as well as encourage others is to ask those who've been nominated, to consider sharing their story. If there is no interest, there is nothing more you need to do.

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Lynne says:

Shaun is an extraordinary young man! He has, and will continue to, make a big difference in this world, His every day acts of kindness…his humanness, speaks volumes as to his true nature rooted by his fraternal grandmother. He is loved and admired by me and our family.